May 24, 2021

5 Cosmetology Career Paths in California

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If you love hair and makeup, a career in cosmetology could be the perfect future for you to pursue! In California, there are plenty of amazing career paths for licensed cosmetologists that go beyond just hair stylist or nail technician. From working in the film industry to starting your own business, find out some of the options that could be available to you after graduation.

infographic details 5 career paths for cosmetologists in california

1. Film or TV Stylist

Have you always dreamed of entering the entertainment industry? Southern California is one of the best places to make it happen and your love for beauty could be your way in! Whether it’s a show that’s set in a different era or even a different universe, there are plenty of shows or films that need licensed cosmetologists. They’re able to bring to life the vision the director has and as a stylist, you’d be a major part of completing the right feel for the set.

2. Special Effects Makeup Artist

Are you more interested in the makeup side of show business? With the film industry so vast, there’s a demand for makeup artists who specialize just in special effects makeup. Just think of some of your favorite movies or shows and we bet that special effect makeup was used in at least one of them.

At Salon Success Academy, students in our cosmetology program can learn the basics of makeup in our make-up designory program. This class acts as the introduction to makeup and helps students set up a foundation that can lead to more advanced skills like special effects!

3. Salon Owner

Is the film industry not something you want to pursue? Don’t worry because there are so many other career paths out there like becoming your own salon owner. In this job, you could perform a variety of tasks so every day is different from the last. Managing employees, working with clients, and doing other day-to-day responsibilities of keeping the salon running are just some of the things you could do for this job.

We want our students to feel prepared for any career path they want to pursue and that includes leadership positions like this one. That’s why we offer business and marketing skills as part of our program so that students can learn all sides of the beauty industry!

4. Product Ambassador

At Salon Success Academy, our students are able to work with high-quality product brands during their education. Maybe you discovered a brand or product that you loved and you’re interested in helping others learn which ones work best for them, too. That’s exactly what a product ambassador does! As part of this career path, you would showcase your favorite products at specialty beauty stores. Listen to clients and decide on which ones would best fit their hair type and other specific cosmetology needs.

5. Freelance Beauty Writer

If you want to spend your time traveling around California without worrying about missing too much work, freelance writing could help you get the best of both worlds! You’re already looking up all the latest trends and staying up to date on everything in the beauty industry. Why not get paid to do something you love? Freelance writing is great for anyone who doesn’t want a strict 9-5 workweek. Most people are able to decide which days and what time is most convenient for their schedule.

Want More Beauty Career Advice?

Has this got you excited for the world that could be waiting for you? The first step to making this happen is to apply for beauty school! Schedule a tour at one of our campuses and we would love to talk more with you about our cosmetology program!

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