May 20, 2015

4 Ways Blogging Can Help You Build a Clientele

As a licensed esthetician, I’ve used my blog to build up my business and professional experience over the last four years. When I first created my blog, I used it to document my transition from being a bartender to a licensed esthetician. After I graduated and got my license, my blog turned into an online resume, helping me attract potential employers. As a result, I’ve landed some pretty cool jobs within the skincare industry. Here are four ways you can create a blog and turn it into a client and potential employer magnet.

Find an Easy-To-Use Platform

You can’t have a successful blog without an easy-to-use platform. When I first started my blog, I used Blogger because it was free and easy to use. My blog eventually outgrew Blogger and I moved it over to WordPress. WordPress allows a user to customize their blog in a million different ways by choosing from a number of different templates, widgets and plug-ins. Aren’t familiar WordPress? Find an online training course that will help familiarize you with the platform. My favorite is WP Apprentice because it’s geared towards non-techie users and presents the lessons in a user-friendly video format.* You pay once and can access the tutorial videos as many times as you need them.

Create Content

A blog is a great way for clients and employers to get to know you before they ever reach your treatment room or invite you in for an interview. Don’t be afraid to show off your expertise and publish content on a regular basis. Feature before and after images of clients you’ve transformed (with their permission of course!), the treatments you offer, favorite products you recommend and any special offers you’re featuring. Let your daily activities with clients inspire you. Write in your own voice about your own experiences.

While I was working as a Brand Manager for a beauty school, I was inspired by some of the bad behavior I saw from Future Professionals – not showing up for school, being late, not being prepared or having a negative attitude. Yes these were Future Professionals in beauty school, but I felt like their behavior was instilling bad habits early in their career. This is how my post, “How to Get Yourself Fired” was created.** This post also caught the eye of a potential employer. After reading the post, she called me and asked me when I could start working for her. I’ve now been working with her for the last two years.

Promote Your Blog

The key to having a successful blog is to have people read it. Use social media to share links to the posts you write. Ask your family, friends and clients to check out your blog. Don’t be afraid to ask them to share your content. The more eyes you can get on your blog, the bigger your readership will eventually become.

Make the Time

Naturally, your first priority is the clients who come into your treatment room each day. If you want your blog to be successful, you have to make the time to update your blog with great content. Decide how often you can realistically post on your blog and dedicate a few hours each week to research, write, post and promote.

*WP Apprentice:

** How To Get Yourself Fired blog post:

Kathleen Neves is the Marketing and Social Media Manager of SkinSpirit, a top destination for aesthetic skin and body care. As a licensed esthetician, Kathleen shares her experience and expertise on her own blog, My Life as an Esthetician


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