July 16, 2014

4 Tips for Giving Clients the Perfect Facial

Every time you give a client a facial, you want it to be the best facial of their life! Creating a great facial experience for your clients will increase the chances of them rebooking with you once the service is complete, which is the lifeblood of your esthetician business. Here are 4 tips on how you can provide the perfect facial service to all your clients:

Relaxing Room – Your clients should be completely relaxed throughout their entire service. This starts from the moment they walk into your treatment room. Create a soothing atmosphere by having everything super clean and organized in your room. You can also use soft music, comfortable furniture, and essential oils to provide a perfect ambiance for your clients. When your room appeals to all five senses, you help create a positive and memorable first impression for your new clients.

Quality Equipment – Your treatment bed is the most important piece of equipment in your room. The bed should have a thick layer of soft padding that contours to your client’s body, as well as features like electric controls, adjustable height, and adjustable foot and headrest. You’ll want the rest of the equipment in your room to be of high quality, too. This includes your steamer, magnifying lamp, high frequency unit, sterilizer, brushes, and waxing pot. You shouldn’t skimp on any of these! You will get the best results for your clients by featuring high quality esthetician equipment in your room.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”kjgZ8″ via=”no” ]You should communicate effectively with your clients at every phase of the facial[/ctt]

Good Consultation – A proper consultation is crucial to giving your clients excellent service. You need to able to accurately assess your clients’ skin, so during the treatment you can use products and techniques that are the right fit for their skin type or particular skin problem. You should communicate effectively with your clients at every phase of the facial. This means listening closely to what they want from the treatment, explaining step-by-step what you’re doing to their skin, and suggesting an at-home skin care regimen that will help maintain the benefits of their treatment.

Facial Massage – You can’t give your client a good facial without giving them a great facial massage! The face is full of nerve endings. Gently applying pressure and massaging these points will create the ultimate pampering experience for your clients. It will help them relax, and has many other benefits, too! A facial massage will stimulate blood flow to the skin, giving your clients a youthful, radiant glow. It can also release tension in the forehead, helping to relax tight and drawn muscles, and minimize lines and wrinkles.

Giving a good facial really starts with getting the proper training in esthetician school. You should choose an esthetician program where you’ll get advanced training from knowledgeable instructors and plenty of practice with real skin care clients.

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