October 1, 2014

4 Secrets Cosmetologists use to Really Condition your Hair

Has your hair been looking dry and lifeless? Has it lost its shine and luster? Then, it may be time to change-up your conditioning routine. But obtaining healthy and rich hair can be difficult if you don’t know the proper tips and tricks to getting and keeping that shine. Want to learn more? Here are 4 secrets cosmetologist know about conditioning your hair. Now you can, too!

retro-wavesInvest in a deep conditioning treatment at the salon. If your hair seems lacking moisture and the ends are frequently breaking, then you may be in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment. Head to the salon for a professional conditioning! Not only will your stylist remedy what ails your hair, they can also offer some great do-it-yourself advice.

Choose what’s right for you. You wouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater in the same detergent you use for your jeans, would you? Then don’t treat your hair the same way you’d treat a friend’s. A trained cosmetologist can help you choose a conditioner for your hair type. For deep conditioning, you’ll want products containing natural vitamins and oils like almond and coconut. Work in a dime to quarter sized amount of oil through your damp hair before going to bed to treat your thirsty hair. For the best results, use a deep treatment application only once every few weeks.

Condition regularly. You don’t want to use heavy duty oils on a regular basis, but you do want to make hair conditioning a part of your routine. But do you know how? Squirt conditioner into your hands and use your fingers to comb it through your wet hair. Start at the nape of your neck and work outward to the tips of your hair. Avoid your roots where the hair is brand new and healthy and concentrate instead further down the hair shaft. Focusing on the ends of your hair will help repair damaged, brittle hair that nobody wants. Allow the conditioner to stay in a couple of minutes before rinsing with warm water. Then, give your hair a shot of cold water to close off the cuticles and added shine.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”zc0x8″ via=”no” ]Drying your hair every day takes its toll[/ctt]

Avoid the heat. Cosmetologists know the danger of too much heat. Do you? Drying your hair every day with a blow dryer, straightener, or curling iron really takes its toll. If your hair has been feeling dull with no volume even when you blow it out, this could be a sign of serious heat damage. If you want to rejuvenate your hair, take a blow-drying break. Letting your hair air dry naturally will help it regain some of its shine and moisture. Put away the hair dryer and give some TLC to your locks. Gently comb through your hair after each shower, apply conditioning oil, and allow it to dry overnight. A few weeks of this will replenish your hair and give it the healthy shine you crave.

Do you have some conditioning tricks of your own? Let us know. And if you have a real flair for hair, maybe you have what it takes to become a licensed cosmetologist. A career in cosmetology might be right for you! Salon Success Academy offers courses in cosmetology and esthetics at our five locations throughout the Inland Empire. We’ve been training some of the top professionals in the beauty industry for over 50 years!  Call 1-877-987-HAIR (4247) or fill out the form to get started today!



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