July 29, 2015

4 Habits of a Successful Hair Stylist

If you want to become a successful hair stylist, it will take passion, commitment, and a specific set of skills and techniques. Set yourself up for success by developing the 4 habits of a successful hair stylist right now!

A successful hair stylist is:

1. Prompt

Schedule appointments in realistic time blocks so you never keep your clients waiting.  Staying on time reduces your own stress and keeps your clients happy. When you fall behind and rush through appointments, your clients will feel the effect. Stick to a schedule to ensure that you provide the same high quality service each and every day, to every single client.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”3F34p” via=”no” ]Don’t let opportunities to build your clientele pass you by. Keep business cards on hand[/ctt]

2. Proactive

If your client mentions that she has a friend who’s looking for a new stylist or has a wedding coming up, don’t let the opportunity to build your clientele pass you by. Keep business cards on hand and offer frequent consultations.

3. A Perfectionist

Practice makes perfect! To be successful, you should always strive for the best. Look for ways that you can improve your skills and your knowledge of what’s going on in the beauty industry. Even a professional hair stylist is always learning. In the fast paced world of a modern salon, trends come and go. The only way to keep up is to continue your education throughout your entire career.

4. Social

Are you a social butterfly? That’s just what a hair stylist should be! Your clients visit the salon to be pampered, and also to chit chat and catch up on the latest gossip. Do you have a special niche in the industry? Share it and market your skills through social media. Post before and after shots to your professional Instagram account and create YouTube tutorials. Include your professional social media accounts on your business card to gain followers and even new clients.

The first step toward success is an education! Salon Success Academy offers a hands-on cosmetology program that’ll teach you everything you need to know about providing high-quality hair, skin, and nail services. Our instructors are committed to preparing you to pass the State Board exam and helping you make the most out of your career. Call (877) 987-4247 to learn more!


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