4 Game of Thrones Inspired Hairstyles

Are you on the quest for new, adventurous hairstyles? Why not take some inspiration from The Game of Thrones? Its storyline isn’t the only thing that keeps viewers engaged and wanting more. The set production, costumes, and hairstyles put this fantasy drama on a whole other level. Here’s how to achieve some popular looks straight from the Seven Kingdoms:

Khaleesi Braids

Who wouldn’t want long gorgeous locks just like Daenerys Targaryen? Get a hairstyle fit for a queen with Khaleesi-inspired braids. Her signature look involves double, sectioned braids. To achieve soft waves, lightly braid your entire head of hair and let it set for a few hours beforehand or even overnight. Then,  undo your hair and grab a section at the top, side portion of your temple. Braid the hair on each side until they meet in the middle behind you head. For a unique look, try a Dutch braid by folding the strands under rather than over like a French braid. Do the same with two more strands just above the ears. Connect both strands with another braid and tie them together.

Sansa Stark Center Cornrows

If you want something edgy, you can try out Sansa’s elegant look. Actual cornrows might be difficult to do yourself, so opt for a double French braid instead. Center part your hair, braid the top sections, then twist the braids together where they meet in the back of your head. 

Cersei Lannister Pixie Cut
Although braids are widely popular with most Game of Thrones characters, if you’re looking for a more drastic and permanent change, then cut your hair short just like Cersei Lannister. Her new pixie can inspire a shorter hairstyle that’s popular even among contemporary celebrities.

John Snow Long Locks

John Snow’s rugged look from the past can easily be achieved by any modern man. To avoid looking like a poodle, be sure you have long enough layers to work with. Braid your hair in small pieces and let it set. Next, undo the braids and generously apply texturing spray. Scrunch your hair, especially the ends, to give the curls an undone look.

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