July 2, 2013

4 Easy Summer Hairstyles

Summer living is easy. Your hairstyle should be, too! The hot summer sun is damaging your hair enough; don’t make it worse by over-styling. So let the summer breeze whip through your strands, knot your hair in a bun, and unravel your braid. Here are 4 summer hairstyles that are easy to wear and also super cute.


Side Sweeping Braid – It wouldn’t be summer if there wasn’t at least one braided hairstyle on this list! Braids are the coolest looks for hot summer days, or any day, really. To wear this look, simply gather the hair behind one ear, divide into three sections, and loosely braid. Gently massage the braid and pull out a few stray strands for a messier look. If you want to dress it up a bit, try a fishtail braid like Leona Lewis.


Beachy Waves – This summer hairstyle looks good on everyone! If you want a hairstyles that look like you’ve been relaxing in the sun all day long, beachy waves are the way to go. To get waves like Diane Kruger’s, just spray your hair with texturizer spray, flip your head over, and partially dry the hair with a diffuser. To add some more texture, curl some of the strands starting about 3 inches from the roots, then shake your head to tousle the waves.


High Bun – When it’s hot and humid outside, a sleeked back bun will help cool you down.  This look is sleek in the front and texture in the back. To get a high bun just like Jennifer Lopez, apply some anti-frizz cream to your hair and blow dry straight. Pull hair into a high pony at the crown of the head and secure with an elastic. Twist the hair around the base of the pony and bobbypin in place. If you want to dress it up, try wearing a headband with your high bun.


Undone Pony – The key to this summer hairstyle is lots of volume! To get an undone pony like Jessica Biel’s, start by spraying your hair with texturizer spray and letting it air dry. Start back-combing and teasing the hair at the crown of the head to create lift. Pull the hair back into a ponytail at ear-level and secure with an elastic. Loosen some strands in the front to fall and frame your face.


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