March 26, 2013

3 Reasons Cosmetology Makes A Great Second Career

If you’ve always had a passion for beauty and feel that it’s time for a change, then a new career in cosmetology might be right for you! Maybe you’re feeling unfulfilled with your office job or perhaps you crave more freedom and flexibility so you can better care for your family. A career as a licensed cosmetologist would allow you to be creative, social, work with your hands, and set your own schedule.

Fortunately it’s never too late to go to cosmetology school! In fact, you may find that cosmetology school comes easy to you because you’re so passionate about learning all things beauty.

Cosmetology makes a great second career choice! Here are three reasons why:

Endless Opportunities – You have endless options for which direction to take your new career in cosmetology! You can work for a salon, spa, or resort as an employee or an independent contractor. You can work for yourself by opening your business, whether it’s out of your home or opening your own salon. You can style hair for runway shows, photo shoots, TV or film. You could work for a popular product line or as a cosmetology school instructor. Your career in cosmetology will be whatever you want to make of it! The more clients you take, the more money you make. You’re in complete control of your career and your destiny.

Flexible Hours – As a licensed cosmetologist, you have the freedom to work when you want and as much as you want. Some cosmetologists begin working in the afternoon so they can start taking clients when they’re on their lunch breaks. Other cosmetologists like booking appointments with their clients after normal business hours, so they’re free to enjoy the day. This type of schedule is ideal for those who have young children to care for. You can book your clients and set your own hours in a way that works best for you.

Fun Atmosphere – Working in an office can be boring and repetitive. When you’re working as a cosmetologist every day is different! You’ll get to work in a more social setting where you can let your creativity flow. You’ll be interacting with your coworkers and clients all day long. You may even find yourself becoming friends with some of your clients. In addition to making good money, you’ll also feel rewarded when you see how happy your client’s new hair style makes them.

We want to hear what you think! Would you consider cosmetology as a second career? What do you find appealing or not appealing about it? Tell us your opinion by commenting below!

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