May 15, 2019

10 Super Easy Ways to Achieve the Perfect Eyebrows

woman with perfect eyebrows

Every decade sees its fair share of beauty and makeup trends, from the teased hair and neon colors of the 80s to the bronzer and glossy lips of the 00s. Right now, it’s all about achieving the perfect eyebrows à la celebrities like Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner. If you want to know how to get the perfect eyebrows, here are 10 quick and easy ways:

1. Let Your Brows Grow Out

Before you think about doing anything to your brows, give them a chance to grow out. It may seem backward, but letting them grow will help reveal the natural shape of your brow.

2. Wash and Condition Your Brows

When you wash your face, you wash your eyebrows too. But did you ever think about conditioning them? Conditioning can nourish your brows and moisturize the skin around them. Your brow hairs are more delicate than the hairs on your head so a traditional conditioner won’t do. Lotions and creams can clog the hair follicles, so use a product like tea tree oil. With a spoolie brush, which is similar to a mascara wand, massage the oil into your brows and rub away dry skin. Wash it off with warm water and pat dry.

3. Pluck Your Strays Away

Pull out your tweezers and say goodbye to those hairs that refuse to follow the natural shape of your brows. Don’t know where to begin plucking? Hold your tweezers by the open end and place them vertically against the side of your nose with the open end aligned with the bottom of your nostrils. Where the closed end lands is where your brow starts, so any hairs growing past that line are fair game.

4. Soothe Your Skin

After plucking, the skin around your eyebrows can feel irritated. To soothe it, swab aloe vera or tea tree oil over the area. If you’re applying makeup right away, use an oil-free moisturizer for a smoother, smudge-free application.

5. Brush Your Brows

Like the hair on your scalp, the hair on your brows can also benefit from brushing. Use a spoolie to brush the hairs at the front of your hair in an upward direction, and then brush the rest of your brow in its natural direction.

6. Trim the Ends

Do a few hairs stand a little taller than the rest? Give those strands a snip with a pair of brow scissors, or nail scissors if that’s all you have. Cut each strand one by one, clipping only a small amount at a time. Don’t snip past the brow line and be careful around your arches and any area that feels too tricky to trim. As with any haircut, it’s better to cut too little than to cut too much.

7. Fill in the Gaps

After all of the plucking, trimming, and brushing, you may find a few sparse patches that need to be filled in. You can add color to those areas with either an angled brush and eyebrow powder, or an eyebrow pencil. If you opt for the pencil and are a blonde or a redhead, use a color that is two shades darker than the color of your brows. If you’re a brunette, use a color that is two shades lighter. You may want to consider using two colors to add natural highlights and dimension to your brows. Apply the color by flicking the pencil or brush in small lines that mimic the look of hair. Brush over those areas gently with a spoolie to blur any unwanted lines.

8. Perfect the Length

If the eyes are windows to the soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains framing your eyes. You want them to be the right length — if they’re too short they don’t look natural, and if they’re too long they can drag your features down. To find the place where your brows should end, take a brow pencil and line it up diagonally from your nostril to the outside corner of your eye. Where the pencil ends is where your eyebrow should end. If your eyebrow dips past this point, pluck those extra hairs away. If it ends just before that line, fill in the gap with pencil or powder.

9. Create a Realistic Arch

Want to have a better-defined arch? Take out that brow pencil again and this time, hold it straight against the tip of your nose. Move it so that the end lands on the brow just above your pupil. This is the place where your eyebrow should peak. Take the pencil and draw a subtle arch, once again using small strokes that mimic the look of hair. Blend in any obvious or harsh lines.

10. Raise Your Arches

Want to give your brows a little extra lift? Frame them with concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone. Trace thin lines above your brows and do the same underneath your brows. Blend in with your fingertip or a sponge to erase harsh lines. This trick highlights your arch and can even make you look more awake.

After mastering these steps, you’ll become a pro at grooming your eyebrows. If you want to become a true professional, Salon Success Academy can provide you with hands-on training in eyebrow arching and waxing, facials, manicures and more through our Cosmetology or MUD Makeup Designory programs.  Call 1-877-987-HAIR (4247) or fill out the form to learn more.


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