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Salon Success Academies Offers Students a Chance to Get Connected

September ’09

Salon Success Academies is more than just a beauty school. Our school’s philosophy is to treat each student as part of our family, providing them with the skills and expertise necessary to advance their career. Salon Success makes a student a part of this family from the first day of orientation all the way through graduation. And now we are offering more ways to get involved in the Salon Success community, with pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Susan Turner, Executive Vice President of Campus Affairs at Salon Success Academies, explains that “Salon Success is passionate about finding ways to engage students, and starting a Facebook page seemed like a great way to do this. We want our students to feel comfortable discussing anything about the beauty industry and school, and this is another place where they can do that. They get to talk to people who are experiencing the same things and learn from each other.”

Salon Success Academies’ Facebook page gives current and prospective students and graduates an opportunity to interact outside of the classroom. The page is a place where they can feel comfortable asking questions and discussing school and work. The page includes photo albums, class start information, discussion boards, and news articles.

On Twitter students can find up to date news on the beauty industry as well as what is happening at school. With links to major beauty product companies and industry information, Salon Success works to keep its students informed. This can help students when they are entering a new profession. By having access to more than just academic information they are able to make better decisions about their careers and training.

The online Salon Success Academies environment isn’t all business though! In addition to helping student learns about the school and the industry, Susan Turner says that “It’s fun! Facebook and Twitter offer many great ways to make learning about a beauty career exciting. And we want all of our students to feel excited about their new careers!”

Students can enter fun contests and post pictures. On September 1st Salon Success started a new contest for all students who are Facebook fans. Students designed creative hairstyles based on the theme “Hollywood Hair.” The pictures are posted on Facebook, where other fans can vote on their favorite hairstyle. Winners will be awarded a gift card to a local beauty supply store. A Halloween makeup contest is also in the works, giving students another chance to express their creativity.

Aside from finding out more information about the school and their careers, students can also connect with each other through the social networking sites. Facebook provides a great forum for students to discuss classes and schedules. They can also give each other advice about topics that may not be covered in class- like childcare options in the area or carpooling.

The Salon Success Academies online experience is all about extending a strong community to the internet, where prospective students, current students, and graduates can all congregate and share information about the school, the beauty industry, and whatever else they want to discuss!

You can find Salon Success Academies on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/salonsuccessacademy

You can follow Salon Success Academies on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/SalonSuccess


About Salon Success Academies

Salon Success Academy offers five locations in California’s Inland Empire, in Redlands, Fontana, Upland, San Bernardino, and Corona. Our mission at SSA involves caring for every student as a member of our family, furnishing the chance to finish their educational objectives as affordably as possible. SSA incorporates first-hand, real-world practice of the principles of cosmetology, skin care, and nail artistry. The campus teams with members of the beauty industry to educate our graduates on the technical and customer service skills they need to succeed in their careers.



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Our mission is to equip our students with the tools necessary to succeed in the beauty industry by providing exceptional technical education in the classroom and servicing our local communities. The training our students receive will enable them to successfully attain employment in the beauty industry and related fields.

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