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How to Leave the Right Impression at Your Salon Interview


You complete your cosmetology program. You pass your California State Licensing exam. You’re ready to enter into the salon and step behind the chair. But before you can make that last move, you need to leave a really good impression at your salon interview. How are you going to do that?

Build your portfolio
Hopefully, you’ve been building it for a long time. All through cosmetology school, you should take before and after shots of your creations. Show off how you can do awesome styles in hair and makeup, highlight your specialties and proudest accomplishments. Speaking of accomplishments, have you entered and won any contests or received any awards? And don’t forget video. Today’s digital portfolios don’t have to be just static images. You have some super moves. Show them off and bring evidence that points to your skills and your personality. There’s no one quite like you!

Prepare for the right interview
It’s not enough to have great qualifications and a knock out portfolio. You need to prepare yourself for THIS interview. That means doing research before you go about the position and the salon. Check out the location beforehand. You might encourage a friend to make an appointment and do a bit of spy work. Or just research it online. What are the specialties for which they’re most known? What do clients love (or hate) about the salon? The more you know before you walk in the door, the more your answers can be a perfect match.

Live the role
It’s a salon! And it’s all about making people look and feel beautiful. If you don’t exude what you’re trying to do for others, how will they be convinced you’re the stylist for them? Get a good night’s sleep. Wear an appropriate amount of makeup. Have your hair perfectly styled. And dress the part. Don’t wear high heels and date clothes. Opt for comfortable shoes and a stylish outfit. Bring your resume and maybe even pictures of your work. Walk in the door with a smile, great posture, and a can-do attitude.

Be confident, but not too confident
Salon owners want you to know your stuff and be sure of your own abilities. But even more important to them is that you can learn to do things their way. Especially as you first start out in your cosmetology career, you need to be willing and eager to learn. Demonstrate confidence, but also show them that you love to learn new things. Can you give an example when an instructor, peer, or professional taught you a new approach?

Follow up
The best salons are all about the “personal touch.” After your interview, be sure to follow up by email, or better yet, with a personal note. Thank the interviewer for her time and let her know that you want the job. Lots of applicants miss out on opportunity because they simply forget to ask for the position one final time.

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