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Master Stylist George Miller Coaches, Inspires Salon Success Students

October ’11

George Miller is all about professionalism, communication, and giving good hair. He’s a seasoned beauty professional who spreads his insight and knowledge with Salon Success Academies students every year during a three-day professional development seminar. He has a deep respect for Salon Success Academies, and the students have a deep respect for him.

“I admire Salon Success Academies for helping our profession become more professional,” George said.

According to George, in order to be a successful stylist you don’t need skill, you need to be able to retain your clients. He estimates about 85-percent of a stylist’s income comes from effective communication. That’s why his program focuses solely on building strong relationships with clients.

“We all want great hair! But what is it that really that keeps the client coming back to your chair? It’s all about talking and connecting with your clients,” George said.

He’s crunched the numbers. By George’s calculations, all you need in order to be a prosperous stylist is 200 loyal clients. Two-hundred people who love you, trust you, and will continually book appointments with you every six weeks.

George says this begins with having self-respect and self-confidence. If you don’t love yourself, why would your clients love you? Next, you need to pay close attention to your client and learn to be compassionate.

“When you’re in my chair, you’re my world,” is a saying that George lives by.

George says you need to get inside your client’s head to figure out how to make them look their best. This means looking at their jaw line and eye color, but also taking their profession and lifestyle into consideration. After you’ve figured out what style would be best, it’s all about communicating these concepts effectively to the client.

If you’re interested in seeing what it’s like to be in one of George’s classes, you can check out an exclusive video from inside the Salon Success Academies classroom on the Beauty Buzz Blog.

Even after George’s three-day seminar is over, he stays in contact with the Salon Success students and graduates. He said he always available to answer their questions and give career advice. One thing’s for certain. Not only has George made strong connections with his clients over the years, he’s also made strong connections with the Salon Success students.

“One of the students told me that another student asked her ‘Are you here today for George’s class?’ And she answered ‘No, he’s here for us.’ That really touched me,” George said.

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