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Former Marinello Student Finds Safe Haven at Salon Success Academy

March ’15

03_24a Kenneth Martinez is enrolled in the Cosmetology program at Salon Success Academy. But his journey to the beauty school hasn’t been an easy one.

Ken originally chose Marinello Schools of Beauty because it was one of the oldest beauty schools in the country. He enrolled and had a positive experience, getting to know the staff, teachers and his fellow students really well. But then with just 295 hours left to complete his education, Marinello suddenly announced it was closing its doors. What would he do? How would he finish his education and find a place where he felt like he could really fit in?

Because Ken wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way of his dream, he contacted Salon Success Academy. The school and its staff have worked tirelessly to help displaced Marinello students continue their education. From the very beginning, Ken says Salon Success Academy “has been professional, friendly, and extremely helpful.” He says they supported him during a very emotional time. They made registration and payment very easy and he was able to start classes the week after touring the school.

Ken admits, “it’s never easy being the new guy,” but Ms. Liz and fellow students welcomed him. He says, “the atmosphere is upbeat and it’s clear the students truly want to learn.” The high quality of education, well-maintained facility, and passionate group of students and staff at Salon Success Academy was something Ken says was lacking at Marinello. It’s clear the Salon Success Academy staff truly cares about the students and their success. Ken is especially grateful for the lessons of Sassoon that are now part of his cosmetology education. On the salon floor, the instructors are hands-on, always ready to help students learn while working on real clients.

Ken clearly sees the immense pride the staff and students take in their work. Ms. Nelly has helped Ken prepare for the State Board exam through a mock exam. The practice has helped build his confidence and understand what to expect when it comes to the real thing. Ms. Evalyn’s sessions on Saturdays are also giving him extra preparation to help him pass the exam and become a licensed cosmetologist.

Before deciding on Salon Success Academy, Ken had explored other options. He inquired with other schools in the Rancho Cucamonga and Los Angelos area, but simply didn’t get the same care and attention that Salon Success Academy offered. Ms. Robin welcomed him and impressed him with the facility and quality of training he would receive, even in just a short amount of time.

The transition wasn’t always easy for Ken. He had already paid his tuition in full at Marinello. He has also faced a delay with graduating and taking his State Board exam. But Ken says “the staff at Salon Success Academy have taken care of all other challenges he’s faced.”

Despite the setbacks, Ken has a bright future ahead of him. Once he graduates and passes his exam, he hopes to work in a salon where he can build his clientele and get an understanding of all aspects of running a business. He has already owned a florist and event planning business, so he has a head start on how to make his new career path a success. Ken’s ambitious attitude doesn’t stop there. He even hopes to enroll in the Barbering crossover program at Salon Success Academy.

Ken is thankful for the Salon Success Academy family for “truly being an amazing organization who make dreams come true.”



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