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Salon Success Academy Expanding


In answer to a rising demand for quality cosmetology, esthetician and barbering training programs, Salon Success Academy will soon bring a new campus to Plaza West Covina. Slated for a fall opening, the new campus will have all the features Salon Success Academy staff, students, and grads have come to rely upon—and more.

“We strategically chose to be in a mall setting,” says Salon Success VP of Operations Jeff Gross. “One of the most important aspects of training is the experience we’re able to provide students of working with real clients at our school salons. The West Covina mall will give our students even more access to clients.”

According to Jeff, many students begin to build relationships with clients even before they complete their programs and become licensed in the State of California. “They meet people, provide services, and build relationships,” says Jeff. “Learning how to be client-facing is one of the most important skills we can teach our students. The better they are at it, the further they will be able to grow their careers.”

Salon Success Academy will take over the site of a former beauty school, so the buildout is expected to be completed more swiftly than it would typically take to break ground on a new location. Jeff says they hope to be up and running in just a few months, and he’s super excited about the space.

“It has a huge glass front, and the space is 7,000 square feet, which means our clinic area will be proportionately large,” says Jeff “and so far the people from the mall couldn’t be nicer. They’re looking forward to having us there almost as much as we are to being there.”

The new campus will start off with a solid team of Salon Success educators from Upland, which is only 25 minutes from West Covina. The programs offered will be Cosmetology, Esthetician, Barbering, and Manicuring/Nail Care. In addition to classroom instruction and hands-on training, all Salon Success students have the opportunity to work with clients to master their techniques and meet people who may become their own future clients. Students are also given intensive instruction on how to pass their licensure exam.

If you’d like to learn more about our new location, or any of the five existing campuses in Upland, Corona, Fontana, Riverside, and Redlands, give us a call today at 1-877-987-HAIR (4247). The beginning of your dream career could be a phone call away.




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Our mission is to equip our students with the tools necessary to succeed in the beauty industry by providing exceptional technical education in the classroom and servicing our local communities. The training our students receive will enable them to successfully attain employment in the beauty industry and related fields.

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