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Graduate Combines Her Two Passions Working As An Editorial Stylist

July ’12

Kimberly Thompson traveled around the world entertaining people as a professional dancer. After 18 years of being on the road, she felt it was time to settle down and begin a new career. She discovered that by pursuing a career in cosmetology she could combine her love for doing hair with her love for the entertainment industry. After graduating from Salon Success Academy and obtaining her license, she now works behind the scenes styling hair and makeup for TV commercials, magazine shoots, and fashion shows.

Kimberly toured several beauty schools in southern California, but when she walked into the Upland campus of Salon Success Academy she knew right away that it was the right place for her. She said the school was newer, more organized, and busier than the other schools she had toured.

“I trusted my gut. I got a really good vibe when I came in for a school tour. I immediately felt like I belonged,” Kimberly said.

She graduated from Salon Success Academy in July 2010 and passed her State Board exam on her first attempt with flying colors. She was about to start working full-time in a salon in Beverly Hills when she found out she was pregnant with her son. After her son was born, she began working on projects for her friend’s production company called Klutch Creative.

Kimberly admits she was intimidated at first by her lack of experience, but she learned by doing and now she’s completely confident in her work as an editorial stylist. She’s worked on commercials for Lowe’s Home Improvement, Nestle, Crayola, Pillsbury, and a promotion for the ABC Family show “Pretty Little Liars,” just to name a few. She said there’s a never a dull moment when she’s working on the set and she’s found that she thrives in the fun, exciting atmosphere.

She said she didn’t know it at the time, but the creative contests she competed in at Salon Success Academy really helped prepare her for future editorial work. The contests taught her to be creative on the spot, work under time constraints, and think on her feet.

“Many times I have to decide on a hairstyle based on the script, but sometimes what I’ve done doesn’t work with the lighting or the wardrobe. I have to change it right away, but I can’t hold up production. Timing is everything in this business!” Kimberly said.


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