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Cosmetology Makes U.S. News & World Report Top Careers List

January ’09

For the first time, Cosmetology is on the list of top careers of 2008. U.S. News & World Report annually publishes a list of the year’s Best Careers. Until 2008, this listed consisted of only careers that required a college degree. The Best Careers list of 2008 included four careers that did not require a college degree: Biomedical equipment technician, firefighter, locksmith/security system technician and hairstylist/cosmetologist.

The U.S. job scene is constantly changing. Increasingly, bachelor’s degree holders are discovering it hard to locate work mainly because companies continue to send professional jobs “offshore.” Secondly, as the majority of high school teachers push students to go to college, there’s an decreasing supply of skilled workers. Think about the price of hiring a plumber or electrician!

At the same time as companies try to increase their off-shore operations, graduates from both high school and college are turning to blue-color professions for both the good employment prospects along with the attractive salaries.

Hairstylists ranked number one on a recent British job satisfaction survey. Not surprising because hairstylists almost always make their clients happy. Except for that one person who says, “On no, what happened to my hair!”

According to the December 2007 U.S. News & World Report there are many reasons to pursue a career in Cosmetology, including:

  • Customers tend to show loyalty to their hairstylists
  • Increased demand for well-trained, licensed cosmetologists
  • Providing services that can’t be outsourced or sent offshore
  • Staying current with fashion and design trends

Do you think you have what it takes to be successful as a cosmetologist? Besides your natural creativity, e.g., being able to turn a hair design concept into a great haircut, you need the following attributes:

  • Be pleasant and outgoing
  • Be a good listener
  • Have creative talent in fashion and design
  • Be able to develop a list of clients
  • Promote the salon’s hair and skincare products

Upon graduation from a state-licensed beauty school, like Salon Success Academy, and passing the state licensing exam, the cosmetology student must be realistic and understand they will start their career in a low paying job until they have honed their skills and developed their own clientele.

Career Opportunities Outlook Very Good

Career opportunities are virtually unlimited. As a licensed cosmetologist, you have many varied job possibilities including working in a salon or spa or on a cruise ship. Cosmetologists are needed in a dermatologist’s or reconstructive surgeon’s office; they can also work with models at fashion shows or in retail or corporate sales and marketing, as a manufacturer’s sales rep or even as a beauty magazine writer or editor.

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