Ms. Rena’s Tips for Passing the State Board Exam

February ’13

Mock State Board Exam with Ms. RenaSalon Success Academy takes the State Board exam very seriously! It’s for good reason, though. Every student must pass both the written and practical portions of the exam in order to get their license and start working in the beauty industry. That’s why the Salon Success Academy requires every student to pass a Mock State Board Exam with Ms. Rena before they graduate. Below you’ll find an infographic with Ms. Rena’s tips for passing the State Board exam.

“This is real! This is your life! Our goal is to make it so every student passes their first time around,” Ms. Rena said.

The instructors at Salon Success Academy begin preparing the students extensively for the State Board of cosmetology once they’ve clocked 1,200 hours in the cosmetology program. During class, they quiz the students on the written portion, help them pre-apply for the exam, and tell them what to expect during the Mock State Board.

Once a cosmetology student has clocked 1,400 hours, they’re required to take the Mock State Board exam with Ms. Rena, a cosmetology instructor at the Upland campus. Students must bring their kit and mannequin head, be dressed in full uniform, and arrive on time, or else they’re asked to leave the exam. Ms. Rena gives the students detailed instructions on each portion of the practical exam and times them, just like a real State Board examiner would.

“I’m walking around, watching everyone, and taking notes. I want it to be as close to the real thing as possible,” Ms. Rena said.

The Mock State Board takes about four hours to complete. After the exam, Ms. Rena gives each student her notes, which tells them which areas they need more practice on. Ms. Rena is an expert when it comes to the State Board of cosmetology exam! Here are her top tips for passing the exam:

Infographic: How to Pass the State Board of Cosmetology Exam


Corona Campus Is Buzzing In New Video

Corona VideoThe new location of Salon Success Academy & Spa opened in Corona in November 2012. Now the school is busy buzzing with students practicing their new skills, studying for State Board, and working with clients. Watch the students and staff in action inside the new school in this video!


Students Style Retro Rock-N-Roll Makeovers

Students Style Retro Rock-N-Roll MakeoversThe cosmetology students at our Redlands campus recently competed in a Rockabilly Styling Competition. Students got to style their classmates’ hair, makeup, and clothing for a total retro transformation. You can see photos of these makeovers and other styling competitions on the Salon Success Academy Page on Facebook!


Congratulations New Student Ambassadors!

Congratulations to the new students who’ve been accepted into our Student Ambassador Program!

Upland: Sandra Rivas, Devon Valadez

Fontana: Lizbeth Estrada, Cecy Gallegos, Tatum Hensen, Virginia Romero

Redlands: Kelly Foster, Jessica Sanchez, Tina Stroner

Corona: Frank Angelo, Marcella Mishler, Jonte Perry, Adrienne Smith

San Bernardino: Angela Ferrero


About Salon Success Academies

Salon Success Academy offers five locations in California’s Inland Empire, in Redlands, Fontana, Upland, San Bernardino, and Corona. Our mission at SSA involves caring for every student as a member of our family, furnishing the chance to finish their educational objectives as affordably as possible. SSA incorporates first-hand, real-world practice of the principles of cosmetology, skin care, and nail artistry. The campus teams with members of the beauty industry to educate our graduates on the technical and customer service skills they need to succeed in their careers.

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