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Salon Success Academy is the Largest Sassoon Academy School Connection Member in the World

December ’13

Salon Success Academy is proud to be among only 20 Sassoon cosmetology schools in North America chosen as Sassoon Academy School Connection member schools and to hold the prestigious ranking as the largest such entity in the world! This exclusive designation means Salon Success Academy students will now be trained in the world renowned Sassoon ABC teaching methodologies of cut and color. Students will be given a kit that includes an ABC manual and DVD and will be taught by instructors who have undergone intensive Sassoon training. In addition, they will learn Sassoon salon-oriented retail skills including upscale motivation and Nuts and Bolts Business Training. Graduates of Sassoon Academy School Connection member schools also receive a personal and business development diploma from Nuts and Bolts.

Sassoon Academy School ConnectionSassoon has held an international presence in the beauty industry for more than half a century. Its founder, Vidal Sassoon, was an artistic stylist famed for his visionary haircuts and innovative stylings. Steeped in a philosophy of modernism, Sassoon became world-renowned when he revolutionized women’s hair styles in the 1960s. His short, fashionable, easy-to-maintain hairstyles were soon the rage in his home country of England and far beyond. The styles were known for clean lines, combination layers and precise cuts — and they still are.

“Salon Success Academy is proud to be associated with such an iconic brand as Sassoon,” said CEO Charlie Gross. “The Sassoon methodology of cut and color is all about helping the individual reach their beauty potential. It’s not just a haircut or color; it is true artwork.”

SassoonAccording to Sassoon, member schools of the Sassoon Academy School Connection must demonstrate a full commitment to the Sassoon philosophy and teaching mythologies. Instructors undergo intensive initial training and further continuing education. Innovators from the start, Sassoon practitioners are now pioneers of the new era of hair design, and member schools are fully immersed in the Sassoon teaching style and culture.

According to Salon Success Academy Director of Operation Linda Rios, students are not the only beneficiaries of the Sassoon connection.

“I have reached out to the area salons where our students perform their externships and the businesses are just thrilled by this development,” said Linda. “The Sassoon methodologies and products are unparalleled in the industry. Sassoon practitioners are passionate about hair — and so are we.”

SassoonOwned by Proctor & Gamble, Sassoon has a peerless reputation for excellence in hair care products for the public and the professional, alike. And the Sassoon Academy School Connection brings a visionary process to the education of stylists that emphasizes excellence in design techniques. Its educational professionals deliver the most contemporary content with knowledge, ability, and most of all, passion.

“By adding the principles of Sassoon styling and color to our offerings, we will truly be able to produce master stylists,” said Linda.

About Salon Success Academies

Salon Success Academy offers five locations in California’s Inland Empire, in Redlands, Fontana, Upland, San Bernardino, and Corona. Our mission at SSA involves caring for every student as a member of our family, furnishing the chance to finish their educational objectives as affordably as possible. SSA incorporates first-hand, real-world practice of the principles of cosmetology, skin care, and nail artistry. The campus teams with members of the beauty industry to educate our graduates on the technical and customer service skills they need to succeed in their careers.

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Our mission is to equip our students with the tools necessary to succeed in the beauty industry by providing exceptional technical education in the classroom and servicing our local communities. The training our students receive will enable them to successfully attain employment in the beauty industry and related fields.

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