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Salon Success Academy Teacher is the Ultimate in Her Field

August ’09

Salon Success Academy is excited to announce that Katheryn Woertink, or “Ms. Reni” has received the Ultimate Teacher award at this year’s Supercuts SuperSunday event!

Each year Supercuts of Southern California gives away an “Ultimate Teacher Award” to instructors who have made a positive impact on their students’ lives. Ms. Reni, an instructor at the San Bernadino campus, was nominated by a former student. She has worked at Salon Success Academy since 1997 and truly loves her job

“There’s no bigger rush then when you see the light in their eyes when a student realizes they are going to succeed,” says Reni, explaining her favorite part of teaching.

Ms. Reni makes sure to treat each of her students as an individual, and wants all of them to succeed. She calls it a kind of “unconditional love”, stressing how she takes the time to listen to her students and tailor her classes to each individual need.

Ms. Reni goes above and beyond the call of duty, planning contests and activities outside of class for her students. She is determined to get all of her students involved and excited about learning.

This style of teaching perfectly complements Salon Success Academy’s educational philosophy. Salon Success Academy is committed to treating each student as part of a family,

Bob Gross, owner of Salon Success Academies, is very happy to have a teacher like Ms. Reni on his staff, saying “We are proud to have an educator like Reni on our team. She is full of energy and is dedicated to pushing each student to be his or her best.”

At the awards ceremony Brady Moody, the student who nominated Ms. Reni, read the letter she sent to Supercuts to nominate her favorite teacher. Brady was not a perfect student, but she explained how Ms. Reni never gave up on her, even on the days when Brady ended up with her head on her desk and tears in her eyes wanting to quit.

Brady stated in her letter, “I could not think of a more passionate, helpful, giving person and teacher.Ms. Reni strives every day to make girls and boys find their passion in the hair industry and to better their lives while doing a job that they love.” Reni’s enthusiasm for her students and her career make her a powerful influence in her students’ lives.

And what is it that Ms. Reni wants her students to take away from their classes with her? “That they are an individual, and they can be successful. You need to want it and fight for it, nothing just comes to you, but it is worth the fight.”

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