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Cole Thompson Continues to Bring the Lessons of Sassoon to Salon Success Academy

April ’15

Cole ThompsonWorld renowned hair designer, Cole Thompson, is Creative Director at Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California. He teaches the Salon Success Academy community Sassoon cutting and coloring techniques. Cole first “fell into” the industry when a local newspaper listed a hair salon needing an assistant. He introduced himself and the salon owner asked him to stay and help out. He really enjoyed the work and decided to make it his career. From that point on, Cole knew Sassoon was the only place he wanted to be.

Cole says that the Sassoon Academy School Connection (SASC) program “creates a very consistent learning opportunity” for the students and instructors at Salon Success Academy. “From the terminology to the teaching methods, it educates students on how to cut and color hair the Sassoon way and prepares them for real salon life.” The partnership with Salon Success Academy “means that the name Sassoon and its methods are introduced at the foundation level. It continues the history of the brand.”

Cole sees a career in the beauty industry as something that “will stand the test of time” because “people will always need haircuts.” He loves that everything is accessible online. Everyone is now connected to the industry through education, images, and social media channels. He believes that the industry will only continue to have online exposure.

For students just starting out, Cole recommends “education, education, education.” He suggests that you surround yourself “with people who you aspire to be like and who’s work you admire.” And, be sure to “ask lots of questions” along the way.

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