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Instructor Miss Liz: Passion Drives Success for Her and Her Students

She loves what she does! And her students love her for it.

“I chose this campus mainly because of my instructor Miss Liz,” says barbering graduate and cosmetology student Joseph Thaddeus Alcedo “I wanted to be a better hair cutter and one part of my many reasons was because of her.”

Liz Lee Estonilo is one of the dedicated Salon Success instructors teaching at our Upland campus. With an extensive background in cosmetology, including the proprietary Sassoon training and methodology, Miss Liz imparts her knowledge and passion for the industry.

“I’m just so passionate about what I do,” says Miss Liz. “I hope my students see that. I love what I do and it really doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy what you’re doing.”

A stylist for years, Miss Liz taught at another cosmetology school before coming to Salon Success Academy. She says one of the reasons she wanted to work here was to teach students the Sassoon technique. She also apprecitates the professionalism and structure of how classes are taught. And she especially sees a benefit to the teamwork approach taken at Salon Success.

“We all work really well together,” says Miss Liz. “We’re a team and that has a positive effect on the students. They learn teamwork skills along with everything else.”

As much as she teaches, Miss Liz is also always still learning. She says she learns a lot from her coworkers and from her fellow cosmetologists where she still works at a salon. Staying active in the field keeps her skills sharp and helps her remain current on all the latest techniques and styles.

“Because I’m still working in a salon, I know what’s going on in the real world,” says Miss Liz, “and I can tell you that the level of education our students receive at Salon Success is up to par with the professionals I see. These students are salon-ready and ready to work behind the chair as soon as they graduate and get licensed.”

According to Miss Liz, a big part of their expertise comes from the way they’re taught. Excellent instruction is coupled with lots of hands-on experience.  She says that “what they learn in the classroom gets carried on to the clinic floor where they’re able to practice and improve.”

“I love the growth I see in students from when they first start my class to when they’re about to graduate. It’s an amazing transformation and throughout there are these ‘ah-ha’ moments,” says Miss Liz. “Their passion grows and they fall in love with what they’re doing. I get inspired by them. It rubs off and it’s just such great energy in the classroom.”

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