January 7, 2022

Why We Use Milady

If you’re a beauty school student, educator, or just a part of the industry then odds are you’ve probably heard about Milady’s textbooks, and there’s a reason for that. Milady’s mission is to drive career success by inspiring the pursuit of knowledge through innovative solutions. Here at Salon Success Academy, we are proud to use the Milady text as a part of our curriculum.

Milady’s History

Milady’s textbook, Standard Cosmetology, has been one of the most used resources in cosmetology since it was written. In 1927, Nick Cimaglia recognized a need for consistency within the beauty industry and after researching what students needed, he published the first Milady Standard textbook.

Milady hasn’t just set the standard for beauty education. Since 1927, we have continually raised it with every product and feature release to meet the needs of today’s learners, educators, and employers. We hold ourselves to the highest standard. We call it the Milady Standard. – Milady

We feel as if we’ll get to be a part of Milady’s history too, because our very own Director of Campus Affairs, Ms.Brandy, will be a contributing author in the Cosmetology Textbook 14th edition, which is not released yet. 

Who is Ms. Brandy?

Ms. Brandy began her career as an MUA, in Las Vegas. She went to cosmetology school there and got her license. She then worked at the Bellagio as a stylist and at the Aria as a freelance artist. Eventually, one of her old instructors convinced her to get into teaching. She got her teaching license, completed her B.S. in Organizational Management, and her M.A. in Career
Technical Education Studies.

She moved out to California and got a job with us at Salon Success Academy! She started as an instructor and moved her way up into her current position, Director of Campus Affairs. We are so happy to have Brandy on our team. She has contributed to our school in so many ways and now she’ll be a part of the text we use alongside our curriculum.

Why We Use Milady

textbooks stacked on top of each other

While we use our own curriculum, we do use the Milady textbooks. Because of Milady’s high standards, we feel it can prepare our students for their futures in the beauty industry. That is why we use the Milady text for all our programs. Some of the reasons why we use these texts are:

    • High-quality content
    • Improvements based on research
    • Offer content in formats that fit multiple learning styles
    • Enhanced learning opportunities
    • And more!

Milady is always updating their books and they’ll vet people in specific fields of the beauty industry. Our Director of Campus Affairs, Ms. Brandy was asked to contribute after completing a focus group. She initially got selected because she participated in the education classes through Milady Pro. This is such an amazing opportunity and we are so excited to see what contributions she has added.

Ms. Brandy

Our Curriculum

We’ve always taken pride in our curriculum. We have been educating students passionate about the beauty industry for over 50 years. During that time, we just continued to improve based on what is happening throughout the industry. Just like the Milady text, Ms. Brandy has also contributed to our curriculum greatly. 

For our current curriculum, she created the format. She essentially designed the flow, what students will learn in each program and how they matriculate through the programs at each campus. Using our staff and instructors’ career experience, California State Board requirements, and Milady Textbooks she helped curate our own curriculum. Uniquely designed with our students in mind. 

Changes Happening At Our School

You may have heard of the recent changes happening to beauty schools around California, due to the recent singing on Senate Bill 803. Because of this new bill, we will be making changes within our own school.

We’ll be reducing the number of hours in our cosmetology program from 1600 hours to 1200 hours. With these changes, we’ll be introducing a module system. Cosmetology students will get full skincare and nail care module. We want our students to feel prepared when entering the industry and we feel that this new module system will do just that.

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We’ve been training future beauty professionals in Southern California for over 60 years and while the industry has changed since we’ve maintained the same goal: To equip every student with the tools they need to thrive in their future.

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