Which Hairstyle is Best for You: Ombre or Balayage?

woman getting hair colored

Chances are you’ve heard about both the Ombre and Balayage hair styles. But do you know how they’re different? Here’s the breakdown of the two styles and why you might choose one over the other:


What is Ombre?

The Ombre is a dramatic color change style that works best on brunettes. Similar to color blocking, the hair color is darker at the roots and then gets lighter from the middle of your hair to the ends. Depending on the color of your hair before your treatment and the contrasting color you choose, a single process treatment can be used to create significant contrast between the two colors.


What is Balayage?

Balayage offers a smoother transition between complementing colors. When you get a balayage treatment your stylist will use a paddle and brush to sweep hair dye through the strands of your hair, giving it a natural blending to a lighter color. Rather than starting at the root of your hair like a stylist does for highlights, the balayage effect can start anywhere depending on how much of your natural color you want to show. The goal is to achieve sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair, but with dark pieces left at the ends for added dimension.



A balayage treatments works for both long and short hair. Ombre is blending two colors together so it is best for long hair because there’s more room to show off the full effect. In part because of the single process color, an ombre style tends to grow out more quickly than a Balayage. Balayge is great if you who want to go longer between sessions; perfect if you’re looking to save a few dollars. While both styles are hot right now and popular with celebs, balayage is less trendy than ombre.

The Verdict

Given the above factors it’s ultimately your call on which hairstyle is best for you. Consider: hair length, current hair color, color you want to achieve, and how often you’re okay shelling out some dough re mi.

So, what is your favorite style? Balayage or Ombre? If you really love all things hair, style and fashion, why not turn your passion into a rewarding career? Train for a career in the beauty industry at Salon Success Academy. Check out all our programs now or fill out the form to get more info.