What You’ll Do As A Salon Assistant

If you’re hoping to land a job in a salon, chances are you’ll be hired as an assistant. It’s something you’ll need to do to get your foot in the door. Many salons have a policy where they only promote from within, which means everyone starts as an assistant before they become a stylist.

Assistants are a vital part of the salon, helping it to operate smoothly on a daily basis. If you’re hired as an assistant, you’ll help keep the salon neat and organized by sweeping the floor, sterilizing equipment, washing used towels, and stocking retail products.

One of the most important things you’ll be doing as an assistant is provide customer service — greet the client when they walk in, guide them to their station, dress them in a cape, and offer them a beverage. Making the client feel pampered is essential to client retention and therefore the success of the salon.

As an assistant you’ll likely be washing, rinsing, and drying clients’ hair. Depending on the stylist, you may be allowed to be a bit more hands on with the clients. The stylist may include you in the consultation process, have you mix the color, or trim a client’s hair.

Regardless of the exact tasks you’ll be doing, being a stylist is a valuable learning opportunity! The stylists you work with act as your mentors, teaching your new techniques and trends that you didn’t learn in beauty school.

It’s also a great chance to prove yourself to the salon owners and solidify yourself as part of the salon team. You need to treat your job as assistant seriously if you want to be promoted to stylist. That means show up on time and act professionally.

Have you ever worked as an assistant in a salon? What good advice would you give to other assistants?

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