What is a Barber Battle and How Do I Get In?

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If you’ve caught an episode or two of Cedric’s Barber Battle on The CW, you get how fiercely competitive a Barber Battle can be. But can you imagine matching your shears against another barber? It’s possible!


What is a Barber Battle?

Students and professionals vie in several different categories against one another other to win money and prizes. Categories can vary, depending on whether you participate in a school sponsored Barber Battle or a professional event. Among the common focuses are: tapers, fades, and overall scissor skills.

How Do I Get Started?

Before you can battle another barber, you’ll need to be one yourself—or at least on your way. You’ll need to know the basics of hair anatomy and physiology, proper sanitation procedures, and how to perform the competitive tasks. You’ll also want plenty of practice under the critical eye of instructors who really know their trade. Learn how to become a successful barber with these 4 tips.

How Do I get Involved?

If you’re enrolled in a Barbering Program, reach out to your school and see if it has events planned for competitions between campuses. If not, get on the internet and look for local and regional competitions. Do you qualify? Even if you’re not ready for the big times, a Barber Battle is a great place to watch professionals in action. You can learn from the masters, and network among others who are as passionate about the profession of Barbering as you are.

What Do I Need?

You’ll need the proper tools of the trade, and products you can rely on. You’ll also need plenty of practice. Find extra time to deliver the services you’re already great at, then try to master those that need work. Ask an instructor to watch you work and offer tips. And then practice, practice, practice.

What to Take Away

Barber Battles are usually judged by experts in the field so participating is a great opportunity for you to learn and network. Learn how to fix your taper from a local shop owner or talk shop with an expert in the field. Make sure to bring your business cards and ask others for theirs. You never know where a job opportunity may come from.


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