Do You Want to Bedazzle Your Nails?

rhinestones on bedazzled nails

Rhinestones, chains, studs, charms! Why wouldn’t you want to bedazzle your nails to match your outfits and give yourself a special look? Here are some easy ways to attach embellishments to your nails:

Add a Top Coat with Rhinestones or Charms

The easiest way to add some bling to your nails is to rely on the polish and top coat you already use. Apply your base color and let it dry completely. Then, apply a very thick layer of top coat and push the embellishments onto your nails. Let it dry. Add a top coat over the rhinestones or charms to help them further adhere to your nails. The upside to applying them this way is that it’s the simplest and fastest way to attach items to your nail.

Beware: This is the least permanent option and you could lose stones as early as the next day.

Apply Nail Glue or Resin to Your Nails

This option will give your charms more staying power. Apply a small amount of glue to your polished nails and gently place on your stones. Hold in place with tweezers to prevent the stones from slipping around while you wait for the glue to dry. Then apply a top coat over the whole nail for extra stick.

Beware: The glue can be hard to work with and a lot of nail glues lose their strength as the glue gets old.

Use Gel Polish to Secure Nail Embellishments

This application is probably the best way to secure embellishments and have them stay put for any length of time. Once you’ve cured your second coat of gel polish, attach your embellishment. Gel has a sticky layer that will keep your stones or charms from moving. Apply a gel top coat over your entire nail. Make sure to get the gel in and around the corner of the rhinestones as well as on top of them. Cure the nails and add another top coat application.

Beware: Home gel kits don’t usually have the same adhesive strength as their professional counterparts.

Choose Pre-Designed Bedazzled Nails

If all else fails, or you just don’t have the time to bedazzle your nails, but you still want a fun look, try pre-designed, full-coverage nail tips that include embellishments. No fuss, no mess and it lasts!


Adding rhinestones or other embellishments to bedazzle your nails can take work. If you are interested in pampering yourself with jazzed up nails, check out the salons at Salon Success Academy. And if you’ve always found fancy nails fun and easy, perhaps you’d like to turn your hobby into a career. Contact us at Salon Success Academy to find out how to get started in our manicuring/nail technician program.