Video: How To Hair Chalk

Crazy hair colors are so in right now! Just look at Katy Perry’s blue bob or Kelly Osbourne’s purple up-do at the Academy Awards. But you don’t have to dye your whole head a bright color. There’s a much more subtle, less permanent way of wearing this look. It’s called hair chalking and it’s super easy to do!

With hair chalking, you use soft pastel chalk to color the ends of your hair. It looks best when there’s an array of two or three fun colors scattered throughout your hair. Hair chalking works best on blonde hair. It will work on darker hair too, but the color will be much more subtle.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Soft pastel chalk (DO NOT use oil pastels. They stain everything!)
Spray bottle filled with water
Curling iron or straightening iron

Here’s how you do it:

1.)    Put on a cape or a towel over your shoulders, so the chalk doesn’t get on your top.

2.)    Take a chunk of hair and wet the ends with the spray bottle.

3.)    Rub the chalk on the end of the hair. Apply it in a downward motion, so you don’t damage the hair.

4.)    Wait for your hair to dry, then go over every color strand with a curling iron or flat iron to set the color into your hair.

The color will last a few days. Try not to brush your hair too much, because the chalk will come off and get everywhere. The chalk will also dry out your hair, so use a deep conditioning treatment when you wash it out.

You can watch a video tutorial here:

What do you think of hair chalking? Would you try it? What kinds of events do you think you would you wear this look to? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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