Video: Beauty School Raises $3,500 for Relay For Life

Students and staff from Salon Success Academy raised over $3,500 for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life at Guasti Regional Park in Rancho Cucamonga, California on May 19, 2012.

This was the third year that the beauty school supported the ‘Fight Cancer With Jeff’ relay team. Three years ago Heather Harris, then a Student Ambassador from the Upland campus, asked the school to help raise money for her cousin Jeff Millet who is battling colon cancer. Salon Success Academy went beyond just fundraising and decided to join Jeff’s relay team! They’ve been a part of Jeff’s team ever since.

Student Ambassadors from each of the five campuses coordinated the fundraising efforts at their school. For months leading up to the day-long event, they sold baked goods, raffles tickets to an L.A. Dodgers games, and tickets to participate in Spirit Day. The day of the event, the Student Ambassadors worked around the clock giving manicures, massages, and braiding hair in order to raise more money. You can watch the video from the Relay For Life below:

“Salon Success Academy comes out every year to support us and they really go all out. We’re so thankful to have their support. I hope to see them for many years to come,” Jeff said.

The Relay For Life is the number one fundraising effort for the American Cancer Society. Teams of participants set up campsites and walk around the field for 24 hours. The money raised provides funding for cancer research, treatment, and services for those going through treatment. The Relay For Life also provides an opportunity for those who are going through cancer treatment to meet others battling the disease and share hope.