May 29, 2013

Tips For Taking The Best Cosmetology Portfolio Photos

When you’re applying for salon jobs after graduating from cosmetology school, simply submitting a resume is not going to cut it! You need an eye-popping cosmetology portfolio to win over salon owners and capture new clients. We’ve already covered how to get your cosmetology portfolio started. Now here are even more tips on how to take photos of hair and makeup that will translate perfectly for your cosmetology portfolio:

Foundation – Select a foundation that matches the skin color perfectly. Use concealer to cover dark areas around the eyes. Foundations with a matte finish, either cream or liquid foundation, usually work best for photography. Choose a foundation that can tolerate the heat, humidity, and harsh lights. Blend the foundation well to avoid streaks and lines on the face and neck.

Makeup – Apply your model’s makeup in natural light.  This will give you the best idea of how it will look in the pictures. Remember that makeup will photograph about two shades lighter. You should apply blush, eye shadow, and lip color more vibrant than you normally would for this reason.

Showcasing Color – If you’re trying to display your work as a hair colorist, remember that your model’s hair color will be relative to what it’s being compared to. If you’re photographing a light blonde, place your model in front of a darker background to enhance her hair color. This is also why pictures where the hair color is greatly contrasted, like ombre for example, work well in photographs.

Finishing – Try to use minimal product on your hair models. Hairspray and gels can dull the look of the hair in photographs. If this happens, you’ll have no choice but to start all over again!

Keep it Current – Because hair trends and styles are changing so quickly, your portfolio needs to be current! You should always be taking photos of your best work and adding them to your cosmetology portfolio.Beautiful woman with curls and makeup

Another important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is getting your cosmetology portfolio online. That way it’s easy for employers and clients to view it whenever they’d like.  It’s also a great way to promote your services on social media sites, like Facebook and Pinterest, by linking back to your website.

Are you a cosmetology school student? Have you started your cosmetology portfolio yet? What other advice would you give to a stylist who is working on their portfolio?

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