Introducing Salon Success Academy’s New Partner: Elevation H

Cole Thompson of Elevation H

Salon Success Academy is passionate about our mission to continually provide the best Cosmetology and Barbering training to our students. That’s why we’re happy to announce our new partnership with the global hair stylist education company: Elevation H.

“Even though we’ve been leaders in the industry for more than 60 years, we’re all about the future. We like to think about what’s next and how we can continually improve. One of the reasons we’ve remained a top cosmetology educator in California is because we’re never satisfied with the status quo,” says Salon Success Academy VP of Operations Jeff Gross. “Connecting our students to all that Elevation H has to offer will give them a competitive edge and make them salon-ready the very first day of their new career.”

According to the company’s founder Cole Thompson, Elevation H bridges the gap between school and profession for cosmetologists and barbers.

“Salon Success Academy’s demographic has changed,” says Cole, “and this young new hairdresser needs help growing their business. What took me 15 years to achieve in terms of my career—they want to reach it in two to five years. And with our help, they can get there.”

Elevation H concentrates on the art, technique, and business of hair. It teaches the skills to create any hairstyle; from everyday looks to edgy and trending cuts and styles. And the company offers long-term career support. That includes books and technical videos during and after a student’s time in class, and also content delivered online so they can watch it at home, or on their phone.

“At Elevation H, we get stylists at the inception of their careers,” says Cole “and then support them as they grow professionally. We do trainings and connect with phone calls, Facetime, Skype. We offer videos and refreshers. We also have a huge network of social media influencers and we teach students and professionals how to build their careers using online platforms.”

According to both Cole and Jeff, the partnership between Salon Success Academy and Elevation H is designed to deliver relevant and consistent teaching that ensures graduates are salon-ready for today’s competitive work environment. And although Elevation H works with other salons, what it has with Salon Success is a “very exclusive partnership.” With Elevation H as part of the team, it’s an exciting time for the faculty and students at Salon Success Academy.

If you’ve always dreamed of working in Cosmetology and want hands-on training that will prepare you for today and tomorrow, come take a school tour at one of our six campuses throughout the Inland Empire. Give us a call at 877-987-4247 or fill out the form now and we’ll get back to you.