Salon Success Owner Influences The Beauty Industry

The Professional Beauty Federation of California is an organization that’s dedicated to raising the level of professionalism in the industry and advocating on behalf of the beauty professionals in the state. The owner of Salon Success Academies, Bob Gross, is a founding member of the PBFC and also the newly appointed chairman.  Bob helped establish the PBFC as the united voice for the California beauty industry and has accomplished some major milestones with the organization.

“I am dedicated to making the beauty school programs as relevant as possible for the students, so they have a better chance of being successful after graduation,” Bob said. “I’m proud to say that Salon Success is one of the most progressive beauty schools in the state, with proven leadership in the industry.”

Even before the PBFC was created, Bob was working to protect the rights of beauty professionals in the state government. He helped pass a new bill that allowed students to pre-apply to the state board exam while still in beauty school. He also co-authored a bill that created the externship program and allowed students to work in a salon as part of their education.

In 2000, Bob played a pivotal role in the creation of the Professional Beauty Federation of California. He was a founding board member, the vice chairman, and also served on the executive committee. Over the last 12 years, the PBFC has successfully reformed beauty school curriculum and recently modernized the state board exam.

“As a beauty school owner, Bob understand every facet of this industry. And even better, he’s politically savvy. His contributions to this organization are invaluable,” PBFC Board Secretary Fred Jones said.

The PBFC also created California’s Welcome to Our World event which is an annual lobbying event meant to heighten political awareness for beauty industry industry. Every year, dozens of politicians get beautified by salon professionals and educated on the issues effecting the industry. You can see video from the 2011 WOW event at the state capitol building in Sacramento below.

For the next phase of the organization under his new leadership, Bob has new set of goals and a new vision for the PBFC. He’d like to provide exclusive services to PBFC members, like continuing education classes and product discounts. Another major initiative will be to reduce the liability to salon owners.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Professional Beauty Federation of California and possibly becoming a member, please check out their website.