Here is How to Protect Yourself from Hat Hair

avoid hat head -here's how

Are you sick of hats having their way with your hair and upsetting your personal style?  Learn how to combat hat hair with these helpful tips and tricks:

Size it right

Many hats cause hat head because they are just too small. The first rule of thumb when you try on a baseball hat is that you should be able to comfortably fit your finger between the hat’s banding and your head. If you wear a cotton or knit beanie hat, make sure you are able to easily remove it. Your head circumference dictates size: Small= 20 inches or less, Medium= 21-23 inches, Large =24 inches or more.

Pick Lightweight Material

Choose your hat’s material wisely. Heavy hats weigh down on your head and your hair, causing hat hair. Opt for breathable, lightweight fabrics like synthetics, cotton and fleece. The less weight you put on your hair, the more easily it will bounce back to the shape you want.

Dry Your Hair

Have you ever been told always dry your hair before you go outside, especially in the cold? That’s good advice. It is very important to keep your hair dry when wearing a hat because if your hair is wet when you put on your hat, you’ll end up with frizzy and matted down hair—not what you want! Blow dry and style your hair as normal, but spray with a light hairspray to help hold your hair’s style even with a hat.

Prevent Static

Cold weather brings more static. If you’re prone to frizzy hair, your hair will be even more out of control after wearing a hat. One way to tame the flyaway frizz is to spray a frizz controlling hairspray before you put on your hat. Always keep a travel size hairspray in your bag or car in case of a hair emergency.

Embrace it

Even with these helpful tips and tricks, chances are you are bound at one point or another to get hat head. To cope, ladies, keep an elastic handy to quickly put your hair up in a top knot or sleeked back pony. Men, or ladies with shorter hair, if your hat hair gets out of control, run water through your hair and lightly tousle. And add a small dab of mousse to help your hair quickly regain its shape.

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