Products Every Professional Barber Needs

professional barber tools


Behind every professional barber are his or her favorite products to keep clients looking and feeling fresh and fantastic. Here are our favorite must-have necessities:


First things first. You need to protect your clients and yourself. Make sure to sanitize all of your combs, tweezers and scissors with a hospital grade sanitizer like Barbicide. Learning how to sanitize is so important, it’s part of obtaining your Barber’s license. Make sure you do it right!


Remove pesky ingrown hairs or those few small follicle clogs that you just can’t get with your razor. Tweezers can also remove unwanted hairs from around eyebrows and the upper lip. Make sure to invest in a pair of quality stainless steel tweezers. Look for a slanted tip to help get the hair you want on the first go around. The last thing you want is for the tweezers to break the hair, rather than pull it.



You must have multiple brushes on hand at all time. End of story. Here are the 4 you’ll want:

  • soft brush for sensitive scalps
  • medium brush for thicker or coarse hair
  • paddle brush
  • slightly slimmer brush


You need a variety of combs from the rat tail to a classic barber comb. What you choose and use depends on the amount of fading and sheering you will do.


But first what is it? Pomade means “hair styler.” It gives medium to high hold and adds ample shine. Pomade works better on slightly longer hair. Make sure to find one with a pleasant, but not overpowering scent, that your customers will love.

Dry Shampoo

No it’s not just for women. No one should wash their hair every day because it strips your hair of essential nutrients. Instead, try dry shampoo which will combat oil buildup and help your styles hold for days to come.


No, not the kind you eat silly. Hair fiber helps to thicken and add texture and fullness to hair. It’s especially helpful for thinning hair and balding spots and should be applied to clean, dry hair.

Towel Warmer

Pamper your clients with a hot towel to help them unwind and prepare their skin for treatment. A hot towel will increase the quality of your service and leave a lasting impression. Keep your customers wanting more; make sure your towels are hot, but not too hot.

Shave Oil

Cater to clients with dry skin. Oil will make shaving easier for you and will leave your clients’ skin smooth, supple, and well hydrated.


We’d love to hear about your favorite products!  What are they? Follow all the latest barbering and grooming trends here. And, turn your passion into a rewarding career with our barbering program! Call 877-987-HAIR (4247) to learn how today!