Photos: Five of the Hottest Fall Hairstyles

Fall is fabulous hair weather! Whether you’re looking to update your own look, or you’re just looking for new styles to try out on your clients, the Salon Success Academies Beauty Buzz has got you covered with the hottest hairstyles this fall.

The trends in hair this Fall 2011 are all about being soft, feminine, and romantic. You’re bound to find a hairstyle you love, because there are stunning options for nearly every sense of style.

From short to long, from blonde to brunette, check out all the new hair trends this fall by clicking through the photo gallery below. If you scroll down even further, you’ll find easy-to-follow tips on how to recreate these looks yourself. Remember when you try out these new styles to snap some photos so you can include them in your cosmetology portfolio!

Loose Braid: To create the “easy, girly” braid, apply gel to wet hair for hold, then roughly blow the hair dry to maintain its texture. Add a center part, then braided the hair starting at the nape of the neck, leaving the front pieces free.

Low Pony: To create a sleeker version of the ponytail, run a working spray through dry, straight hair to prep it and add hold. Pull the hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Spritz with shine gloss when you’re finished.

Big & Glamorous: To create soft, touchable waves, started by blow-drying the hair sleek, then parting the hair at the center. Using a one-inch curling iron, curl the hair from the nape of the neck down. Comb the ends to add texture and set the look with hair spray.

Wavy Bob: Waves are a great way to keep your bob updated and interesting. Work mousse all through the hair, then dry in. Section off the hair then use your curling iron to create some loose, semi-curls, by starting the curl a few inches down from the roots. Spray the hairspray to create a relaxed, beachy texture.

Blunt Bangs: Bangs this fall are messy, long, full and flat to the head. For styling, use a defrizzing product and a flat brush. Aim the dryer down toward your nose while brushing to avoid rounding the bangs or giving them too much volume. Touch up with flat iron.

Have you tried out any of these hair styles on your clients, your friends, or yourself? Why not show us your favorite fall hair styles by posting your photos on the Salon Success Facebook Page?