September 9, 2015

How to Perfect the Edge Up

If you want to tell the difference between just-a-haircut and an in-style-haircut from a professional barber, check out the edge of the hairline. Successful barbers have mastered the “edge up.” Here are the techniques they use. Are you ready to shape up your edge up technique!

Before grabbing the razor, find the correct edge of the hairline. Get on eye level to visualize the straight line around the forehead. Locate the closest point to the front of the head that will connect with all the points of the natural hairline. For example, if there is a well pronounced widow’s peak, match that point with the sides. Next, comb the entire head completely in forward strokes.

[ctt template=”5″ link=”y8Zq7″ via=”no” ]To perform an Edge Up, get on eye level to visualize the straight line around the forehead[/ctt]

With a t-shaped trimmer blade, create well defined edges by following the natural curve of the hairline. Always start the razor toward the front of the hairline and push back. If you start at the back and move it forward, you might start the blade too far into the hairline. Frequently comb the hair forward as you go along.

When trimming the sideburns, measure the length so that it’s even with the ear. Then, adjust the length and width based on your client’s preference. Fold the ears over and move the corner of the blade downward. When you work the razor around a beard or mustache, always use the front end of the razor. This might mean that you need to turn it upside down to trim the top edges.

For finer details, use the corner edge of the razor blade. To achieve an ultra clean finish, apply pre-shave oil or shaving cream and carefully use a straight razor to clean up the hairline. Use your thumb to pull the skin away from the blade to minimize irritation.

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