A Message From the Salon Success Academy Family

Recent events have rocked the beauty school industry as one of our competitors has been forced to close its doors and shut down 39 campuses in California. We feel badly that Marinello Schools of Beauty is closing and we are especially concerned for all the future barbers, cosmetologists and estheticians who think they may be forced to put their education—and their dreams—on hold.

We do not want that to happen!

Last week, I held a series of information sessions for former Marinello students at our Upland campus. My goal is to reassure you that the staff at Marinello and Salon Success Academy are working together to formulate a plan so students do not lose the education, training, hard work, and hours they’ve already put into pursuing their dreams.

Now is the time that our industry needs us to come together. In many ways we are one big community and our community is hurting. The entire family here at Salon Success Academy is committed to helping out in any way we can and I want to personally assure Marinello students that we won’t stop working until we find the best possible solution.

At this time, we do not have a formal plan to welcome the displaced students, but we are working towards one. Our regulatory agencies are meeting at the end of this week and we will be reaching out to individuals and the community at large to keep everyone well-informed. My staff and the people at Marinello are dedicated to making this difficult time a little less difficult for those affected.

Salon Success Academy was founded as a “people helping company.” It isn’t just the philosophy on which my grandfather started the company; it’s an ideal that the entire Salon Success Academy family passionately believes in. We practice it each and every day. Today that means coming to the aide of students who have a dream. We want to help them make those dreams come true.

If you are a former Marinello student who has questions about how you can continue your education, please contact our beauty school for further information. We have campuses throughout the Inland Empire and we’re here to help.

Jeff Gross,Vice President of Operations

Salon Success Academy