July 22, 2020

Manicures and Pedicures for Men: Everything You Need to Know

manicure for man

If you think that manicures and pedicures are just for women, think again. Mani-pedis can make anyone feel pampered and look good. In fact, manicured hands have become a trend for men and are sported by celebrities like Bad Bunny and Harry Styles. If you’re ready to put the “man” in main-pedi, here’s everything you need to know about manicures and pedicures for men.

Benefits of a Manicure and Pedicure for Men

Did you know that there are several health benefits of a mani-pedi? Here are a few: 

  • No Ingrown Toenails: One of the most common causes of those pesky and painful ingrown toenails is improper nail grooming and trimming. With a professional in charge of the nail clippers, you’re less likely to have a problem. Your manicurist can also give you good advice on the kinds of shoes you should wear; another cause of ingrown toenails is shoes that don’t properly fit.  
  • Cleaner, Smoother Skin: Because you use your hands for everything, they accumulate a lot of dirt and grime. They can also develop small calluses from excess friction; your feet can too. A mani-pedi will remove dead skin and dirt to reveal the smoother, softer skin underneath. If you’re on your feet all day, you’ll be glad to get rid of the calluses on your feet. Did you know they can cause your weight to be unevenly distributed which can lead to leg and back pain? Get rid of them! 
  • Increased Circulation: The best part of a mani-pedi is the hand and foot massage. It feels soothing and helps you to relax. It also has the added health benefit of increased circulation to your extremities and stimulation of your joints.  
  • Infection Detection: Got a fungal infection? You might and you may not even know it. But a nail technician can detect it in its early stages so you can treat it right away. 
  • Better Smelling Feet: If the smell of your feet scares away everyone within a twomile radius, it’s definitely time for a pedicure. Dead skin builds up and just smells awful. With a fragrant—but manly—lotion, after a pedicure, your feet will look good and smell great. 

What to Expect from a Manicure or Pedicure

If you’re ready for your first mani-pedi, book an appointment at a salon. Many salons take walk-ins, but why chance it? Once you get to the salon, here’s what you can expect: 

  • File and Shape: The nail technician will clip, file, and shape the nails on your hands and feet. This will get rid of jagged edges and leave your nails with a smooth, clean edge. 
  • Cuticle Care: If you pull, tear, or cut your cuticles, you shouldn’t. The manciure can help protect your nails from bacteria. During your mani-pedi, your nail technician will gently push them back and hydrate with cuticle cream.
  • Soak and Massage: You’ll get to soak your hands in feet in warm water—and get massages on both. Ultimate relaxation. The nail tech will also scrub away the calluses on your hands and feet.  
  • Hydrate and Moisturize: To keep your freshly cleaned and scrubbed skin hydrated, the nail tech will apply lotion on your hands and feel. Your skin will stay smooth, supple, and smell good.

Want to add a little pop of color to your hands or toes? Go for it. Nail polish on men has become a trend that’s probably here to stay. 


Do you enjoy mani-pedis so much that you’d like to give themThen you may be a great candidate for a career as a nail technician. At Salon Success Academy, we offer Manicuring/Nail Tech program that will provide you with a foundation in nail application and repairs, hand and foot massages, safety procedures and more. Call 877-987-4247 to learn more.  


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