What Makeup Trends Are Hot for 2018?

example of makeup trends

In case you didn’t notice, 2017 was an epic year in makeup. It showcased expansive shade ranges, glitter lips, holographic highlighter, and so much unicorn-inspired products that you might believe the fabled creatures actually exist.  If you’re ready for a break from all that mystical magic in makeup, you’re in luck. This year’s makeup trends are bit tamer but still offer some bold options that can bring a bit of wow to your personal style.

  1. Bright Lipstick

A bright lip has always been an easy way to add a pop of color to your look, but this year, expect to see 80s inspired bright lips in the spotlight. Try out color options like fuchsia, bright red, or even olives or blues. And if you’re thinking red lipstick is yesterday’s news, take a page from the spring runway where models sported bright bold red lips along with barely there makeup. Liquid lipsticks are still in, but the traditional bullet lipstick is also making a comeback. “The bolder, the better” will be your new saying.

  1. Metallic Lipstick

An alternative to 2017’s glitter lips, metallic lipstick will get you the shimmer you crave without leaving loose sparkles all over the place. If you want something that might stay all day, try a metallic liquid lip.

  1. Blue Eye Makeup

Most people probably think that blue eye makeup should be left in the ‘80s. But this year you will be seeing it everywhere again. Instead of applying a matte blue eyeshadow over your entire lid, try a blue eyeliner to draw a smooth cat eye or even along the lower lash line for a surprise pop of color.

  1. Inner Corners

Adding a little glow of gold or champagne to the inner corners of your eyes has been a trick to brighten up your look for years. But this year, dab colored eyeliner in your inner corner instead. Try a purple or blue for a youthful look. You could even line your inner corner with white eyeliner, a technique professional makeup artists use to make the eyes look wide awake. Better yet, combine trends and use a shimmery color to highlight and make your eyes stand out!

  1. Negative Space Eyeliner

Cat eyes are always in style. But how about trying something with a little more edge to it? Switch up your cat eye by leaving the inside of your wing unfilled for a negative space effect. It is just as simple as a regular cat eye but it gives your usual black eyeliner a little more sex appeal.

  1. Golden Glow

Rihanna didn’t invent gold makeup but her beauty line makes you want to wear gold shimmer all over your face. While glitter may be left in 2017, we are taking a cue from her and keeping this trend alive for 2018. Use a high pigment golden shimmer on your cheekbones and launch into the spring and summer months with some sizzling style.


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