Long Hair for Men: What You Need to Do to Care for It


There’s just something super sexy about long hair on men. Maybe it’s the effortless look or casual confidence long-haired guys seem to ooze.  But before you decide to grow out your hair, it’s important to know how to take care of it. Proper maintenance is critical to a long hair look you can be proud of. Here’s how to care for that long hair:

Style it Right

Invest in quality grooming tools. Using the wrong brush or even product can damage your hair and leave you looking more Pirates of the Caribbean and less Thor. Make sure to use a wide tooth comb or a high-quality brush. Whether you’re going to let it fly free or you want to rock a man bun or pony, take care of your hair. Be gentle brushing and never use rubber bands to tie it back. Opt for coated hair ties to avoid damaging your hair.

Let Your Hair Air Dry

Hot tools can cause a lot of harm to your hair over time so why not just let your hair dry naturally? Apply a light mouse to your hair while it is damp and let it dry. You can easily go from a cool, tousled look to polished in seconds. If you have curly hair, do not brush it while it is dry. Instead, use your hands to lightly comb through while your hair is still wet. Brushing dry curly hair will lead to extra frizz.

Say Yes to Trims

While you may be tempted to skip your next haircut, don’t! Regular trims will get rid of dead ends and keep your hair looking healthy. Get a trim every eight weeks or so, so you and your hair don’t look unkempt and wild.

Shampoo Less

It’s no secret that shampoo strips your hair of essential oils. Instead of shampooing your hair frequently, skip the shampoo and use water to rinse your hair and then apply a cleansing conditioner. Shampoo as little as you can without your hair getting oily. You may even want to experiment with a minimal wash where you concentrate the shampoo on the roots or try out a dry shampoo for in-between days.

Get Treatments

If you don’t want to go to the barber or salon a couple times a month, get an in-home mask for your hair. Apply the mask up to a few times a month, preferably once a week, to help your hair lock in moisture and maintain a healthy shine. The outdoor elements can cause harm to your hair so make sure to do this especially during the harsh winter months.

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