Is This Your Year for a Dream Career in the Beauty Industry?

Happy new year from Salon Success Academy

Are you excited about 2019? A new year means lots of opportunity for new beginnings and a new direction. If you’ve always been a little obsessed with style, makeup, and hair, maybe it’s time to turn your passion into a career. Is this your year for a dream career in the beauty industry?

Here at Salon Success we provide you with the tools to enter a beauty career in whichever track you choose. We offer programs in Barbering, Cosmetology, Esthetician, Manicuring/Nail Tech, and Make-Up Designory. We have been preparing professionals for their dream careers for more than 60 years. Along with our long history, we have committed and passionate instructors who will help you learn the tools and tricks of your trade and help you prepare for your licensing exam. Evaluate beauty schools in California and then come check us out!

Which path and program will be right for you?


  • Barbering and Cosmetology

In your Barbering or Cosmetology program, you will learn the basics of hair anatomy, physiology and sanitation. You will get lots of hands-on instructions on the latest hair cutting, coloring, and grooming techniques. In addition, you’ll get real world experience practicing these techniques on actual clients in our school salons. You’ll also have courses about the customer service and business side of the hair industry, so you can make the most of your career once you graduate and become licensed.


  • Esthetician

As an Esthetician student, you’ll learn the basics of skin anatomy and physiology. You will learn the latest trends in skincare science, facial, microdermabrasions, body treatments, hair removal, and makeup techniques. And like our Cosmo and Barbering students, you’ll get real experience caring for clients in the school salons. And we’ll teach you how to create a great spa environment for your clients. You’ll also learn what makes a successful business and how to cultivate clients from the time you’re in school until long after graduation and beyond.


  • Manicuring/Nail Tech

Your main focus as a manicuring/nail care student will be the feet and hands. You will learn to give water and oil manicures and pedicures, apply acrylic nails, nail tips, and brush on nails. You’ll also learn how to do nail repairs and wraps, in addition to massaging the hands and feet properly. Client relationships are super important in this industry because often the way you can get clients is through word of mouth. Also nail care is something people keep up with regularly. If your clients are happy, they’ll keep coming back.


  • Make-Up Designory

In our Make-Up Designory program you’ll learn about bone structure and skin tone, condition, and coloration. You’ll also learn about makeup theory and application and the most current techniques and trends in makeup. Although you’ll learn about makeup in our Cosmetology and Esthetician programs, we offer Make-Up Designory as an 80-hour stand-alone program.

At Salon Success we will give you the tools to achieve your goals in whichever beauty career you choose. Whether you are a hair, skin, or nail fanatic, you will receive instruction and lessons to help you enjoy your classes and pass your licensing exam. Help us help get you started on your new career this new year! Fill out the form now. Happy New Year!