How to Use What We Learned at Spring Fashion Week

model walking down runway during fashion show

For more than 75 years, professionals in the beauty industry have eagerly awaited Fashion Week. This year did not disappoint! There was a lot to learn from the 2019 event. Sure, it might be about the clothes and the beautiful models who strut past a gazillion photographers in the latest designer styles. But many of those eye-catching outfits don’t fit with everyday life. On the other hand, if you want to glam it up a bit in the real world, you can take a tip or two from the hair and makeup artists who made some classic and wild statements.

Here’s just a bit of what we learned:

Hair styles from Fashion Week 2019


It’s a classic, but there are all kinds of ways to play up this hair style. And while American Designer Tom Ford might be best known for his luxury brand clothing line, his models often sport a distinguishing hair and makeup look beyond what they wear for clothes. This year, a low chignon was all the rage on the runway. The hair on all his models was straight and slick and styled into the signature knot of the chignon.


You can’t go wrong with a simple pony. Wear it high, low, straight, braided. This year’s event might be Meghan Markle-inspired; the royal does like that pull-back look. Or it might just be because a ponytail is versatile. Found on the runway and along the streets of NYC were a variety of pulled-back ponies. Sleek and shiny with lots of gel, high on top, or way down low, this year’s pony also hit the spotlight with lots of accessories. Center parts with hair gathered at the nape of the neck, this all-American girl hair style was anything but when it hit the runway. There were silk and velvet ribbons, clip-on braids, and eye-popping silver chains—woven into the hair for stunning results. How could you jazz up a simple pony?

Long Hair

In a nod to the retro, long hair came back this year in all its flowing, flowering, free form. There was the wild look of 90s’ grunge and flower power add-ons from the 60s. And the longer the better. From runways to red carpets, women are adding length and volume to their luscious locks. Think extensions and air-dried hair, with a mildly messy, piecey feel. Whether you have stick straight hair or bouncy curls, lots of it are in. And adding weaves of hair, flowers, and ribbons also add to the look, length, and allure.


Just because you weren’t born with it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a runway look. Take it from the many models who wore faux hair to make a designer look. Noted hairstylist Garren worked backstage to build brightly color wigs into works of art. He back-combed some and secured them with signature hairsprays. When you don’t have time to completely transform your look, consider the power of a completely transforming wig.

Makeup Ideas Straight from Fashion Week Runway

Fresh Faces

Over-the-top makeup may be the norm when designers want their models’ features to be a perfect addition to their signature dresses. But this year was refreshing for its occasional bare canvas look. Sure, there was a pop of color, but some makeup artists took a minimalist approach. Sado Ito used only highlighter to achieve the effect he wanted. Embracing the less-is-more philosophy, other artists opted for just a touch of black eyeliner and mascara.

Retro Color

Never mind subtle and understated. How about big, bold, and blue? The catwalk was awash in blues from lashes and liners to shadows reminiscent of the disco era. Other hot colors were rosewoods and burgundies. A mix of the colors gives a warm, glowy look perfect for a walk on the runway or through the park. Another blast from the past that’s been making a comeback for years is the smoky eye. Layer with grays, plums, and mauves for added dimension that gives a sexy look, whether it’s hit by bright lights on stage or candlelight at dinner.


Whether placed on nails, on faces, or in hair, bling was in abundance throughout the shows. While you may not be ready to add Swarovski crystals to your look, some sizzling shine can turn any night into a celebration. Add sparkle and glitter to lids and lips. Copy Sado Ito with some precision placement of flat-backed pearls at the inner corners of your eyes. Or add pearls and rhinestones to press-on nails.

Did you get any hair, nail, or makeup tips from Fashion Week? Let us know. And if your passion is hair and makeup, maybe it’s time you turn your natural talent into a career. Salon Success Academy offers programs in Cosmetology, Makeup Designory, Manicuring/Nail Art, and more. Fill out the form and schedule a tour of one of our six campuses throughout the Inland Empire.