How to Keep Your Beauty Salon Clean and Safe

cleaning beauty salon

Did you know that there is actually a difference between cleaning and disinfecting? Before you disinfect anything, it needs to be cleaned. Disinfectant won’t cut through dirt and grime to remove viruses and bacteria.

Soft, porous surfaces, such as towels and chairs, can’t be disinfected, only cleaned. Non-porous surfaces, like floors and countertops, can be disinfected. As you start to clean and disinfect your salon, here are some safe and effective guidelines and products to consider:

Safety Tips for Cleaning Your Beauty Salon

Before you start to scrub everything down, make sure to stay safe while you use chemical-based products:

  • Do not combine disinfectants with other cleaning products as it can create a dangerous mixture.
  • Be sure to keep your salon well ventilated as you clean so toxic fumes don’t build up.
  • Use a HEPA filter to remove and kill microbial and chemical particles from the air. Continue to clean your air vents daily to remove any particles that could cling to them.
  • Turn on your air purifier, if your salon has one (which it should!). This will also help filter out any bacteria or viruses as well as the airborne chemicals from your cleaning products.

5 Chemicals to Use in Your Beauty Salon

1. EPA Registered Disinfectants

You should use an EPA registered disinfectant, like Barbicide or Clippercide, to clean your tools on a regular basis. Make sure to label disinfectants as a bacterial, virucidal, and fungicidal, and soak your tools in the solutions for at least 10 minutes.

2. Dry Sanitizers and Sterilizers

This includes autoclaves and dry heat sterilizers that are FDA approved. You should already use these in your salon as well, but they can be useful tools now as you clean and disinfect your multi-use tools. Avoid use of UV sterilizers, which use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and germs, since they have not been proven effective.

3. Bleach

Bleach is effective at killing just about every bacteria and virus. Be sure to use a disinfecting bleach and remember to dilute it before use. The standard recipe is one-third cup of bleach mixed with a gallon of water. It’s best used on the floor of your salon and countertops.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

If you can’t stand the smell of bleach, or feel it’s too harsh to use in your salon, hydrogen peroxide is a great alternative. Just pour some into a spray bottle and use it to disinfect common touch points. Isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar also work well.

5. Disinfectant Wipes

Baby wipes are good for clearing away dust, but they won’t kill viruses or bacteria. Look for disinfectant wipes that contain antimicrobial compounds that will get rid of germs and viruses. The best part is, they’re simple enough to pull out of the package and can be used to quickly and easily wipe down your workstation in between clients.


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