August 7, 2013

How to Get Your Cosmetology License in California

licensed cosmetologist california

If you’ve always had a flair for all things fashion and beauty, why not get paid for doing what you love? First, you’ll need to get your cosmetology license in order to land a new job in the beauty industry.

Once you pass the State Board exam and get your license, you’ll have many different career paths to choose from! The good news is that the state of California ranks among the top five states for employment for many of these careers.

1. Go to Cosmetology School in California

First, you’ll need to complete your training at an accredited cosmetology school in California.  Cosmetology school will require you to complete 1200 hours of training. Choose a cosmetology school in California that will give you in-depth, hands-on instruction in the latest hair cutting, coloring, and styling, as well as a variety of skin care and nail care techniques.

2. Complete Your Cosmetology License Application Online

You’ll need to register for the exam by completing your license application online. Because it takes between 8 to 12 weeks to receive your test date, you can register early before you’ve completed your required 1200 hours of cosmetology school training. The instructors and school staff at Salon Success Academy can always help you complete your State Board paperwork!

3. Prepare for Your Cosmetology License Exam

As your exam date approaches, it’s time to cram for your State Board exam! At Salon Success Academy, instructors begin preparing their students for the exam about half-way through the cosmetology program. As graduation nears, every senior student is required to take and pass a mock State Board exam at the school’s Upland campus. It’s as close to the real exam as possible and takes about four hours to complete.

4. Pass Your California Cosmetology License Exam

Try to show up early to your exam. If you show up late, you won’t be let in! There are two portions of the exam, a written and a practical. You’ll need to pass both portions in order to obtain your cosmetology license in California. You’ll get the results of your exam immediately. If you happen to pass one portion, but not the other, you’re allowed to retake the portion you failed as many times as you need to pass within one year of your original exam date.


Salon Success Academy offers hands-on training in cosmetology, esthetics, and nail technology at its six locations throughout the Inland Empire of California. The school offers flexible class schedules, extensive preparation for the State Board exam, and financial aid to those who qualify. If you would like to learn more about training for a new beauty career with Salon Success Academy, fill out the form or call 877-987-4247.





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