November 13, 2013

How to Get Certified in Hair Extension Application

Long locks have long been a symbol of beauty and femininity in many cultures. Some women will pay big bucks to get this forever trendy look if they’re not naturally blessed with long, lustrous hair, which has made hair extensions a booming business! Women will pay from $300 up to $5,000 for a single hair extension application service. Licensed cosmetologists who learn how to apply hair extensions can offer this lucrative service to their clients and potentially boost their incomes. If you’d like to learn how to perform hair extension application for clients, you’ll first need to get your cosmetology license. Choose a cosmetology school and complete your training in as little as 10 months and you could be learning the art of hair extensions in no time. A good cosmetology school will give you hands-on training in hair extension application while you’re still a student. Once you have your cosmetology license, you’ll need to become certified in hair extension application. Most product lines offer training courses for their hair extensions that can be completed in two days or less.

There are several methods of hair extension application, which are outlined below. Because each method is different, the maintenance and the final look of the hair extensions also vary. The type of hair extension application you choose to use on your client will be based on your client’s natural hair and the overall look they want to achieve.

Thermal Bonding –

In this process, the hair extensions are fused to the hair for a natural, long lasting look. The extensions are placed on a small section of hair, attached using a special bonding solution, then sealed in place using a hot iron. Thermal Bonding is suitable for most hair types, but should be avoided on hair that’s over-processed.

Micro Loop Extensions –

With this type of application, the extensions are attached to the natural hair using a small ring which is clamped to tightly hold in place. The micro loop extensions should be adjusted and moved up every 8-10 weeks to stop them from becoming visible.

Track Hair Extensions –

With this application, the client’s natural hair is tightly braided into cornrows or “tracks.” The hair extensions are then sewn into the tracks with a weaving needle. This method is most popular with African American hair and will last between 6 to 8 weeks.

A talented hair stylist will make sure their client’s hair extensions don’t look like hair extensions! Once the application is complete, you’ll cut and color your client’s hair so the hair extensions blend in flawlessly.

If you want to learn hair extension application, first determine in which product line you would like to become certified, then ask other beauty professionals about their experiences.  The company you choose  should offer  high quality hair extensions and teach you everything you need to know to become a successful hair extension specialist. Some product lines will even give you materials that can help you market your services to new clients!

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