What Did They Do to Their Hair? How to Fix Clients’ Haircuts

bad haircut

With hair salons and barbershops closed during the quarantine, people across the nation have had to become their own hairdressersThe problem is, most people don’t have any idea how to cut and color hair properly, so they’ve ended up with some hair-raising disasters 

The good news for hair stylists is that, as salons start to reopen, those with quarantine hair fails will come to you for help. Here’s how you can fix a bad haircut.

Horrifying Haircuts

 When you’re stuck at home and bored out of your mind, there’s no better time to try something new, right? Take one look at the hashtag #quarantinehaircuts and you’ll see that’s exactly what most people thought. The biggest haircut fail? Uneven ends. In the best cases, you’ll only need to trim an inch or two off of the ends to make them even again.  

In the worst cases, you may need to give your client a whole new style. If they’ve really chopped their hair, you may need to add layers or blend the layers they may have unintentionally created. Or, you may have to cut some length to give them a bob, a lob, or even a pixie cut, depending on how much hair has been damaged.  

Botched Bangs

Another quarantine hair fail is botched bangs. Here, too, you’ll probably need to fix uneven ends. But the trick now is to cut the least amount of hair possible, otherwise you’ll end up with a client who looks like Jim Carrey’s character from Dumb and Dumber.  

But what do you do if a client has already cut their bangs too short? You may need to try parting them differently or sweeping them across the side of the face. In other instances, styling with a round brush or curling them could add volume. If the bangs are truly beyond repair, show the client how to braid them into their longer strands, or how to style them with barrettes or hair clips. 

Hair Dye Disasters

Be prepared to fix a lot of bad dye jobs. At the sight of the slightest root, people flocked to the pharmacies to pick up hair dye. Some just wanted to cover those pesky roots while others wanted to try a completely different color. Others—believe it or notbleached their hair. What were they thinking? And how can you fix it? 

How to Fix a Bad Haircut

  • Use mineral remover—For your clients with green ends or a bad bleach job, this will take out product buildup and subtly change the tone of the hair.  
  • Use clarifying shampoo—Is your client’s blonde hair too dark? Use a clarifying shampoo to bring its natural hues back. Beware of the brassy tones, though. If they show up, follow up with a purple shampoo. 
  • Color their hair—If your client tried to create their own highlights, you may need to dye the untouched hair to match, or lighten it to create the correct contrast. 
  • Deep condition—If your client’s hair is too light or too damaged from hair dye, give them a deep condition. This will darken the look of the hair, while restoring moisture and nutrients. 


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