April 29, 2013

How To Find The Right Salon After Cosmetology School

If you want to work in a salon after you graduate cosmetology school, it’s important that you choose a salon that fits your style and personality.  You shouldn’t expect to walk into the first salon you see and have it to be the perfect fit.  It might take a little while, but taking time to insure you’re choosing the right salon will surely be time well spent!

Here are tips for finding the right salon after cosmetology school:

  1. Take A Tour – If you’re thinking about applying at a particular salon, don’t call to see if they’re accepting applications. Instead, walk into the salon when it’s not too busy and ask in person. While you’re there, ask for a quick tour of the salon. Try to observe as much as possible during your tour and take mental notes. Notice the other employees, their clientele, what products and tools they’re using, etc. This should give you a good feel for the salon and will also help set you apart from the other stylists applying for the job.
  2. Ask Questions– Hopefully after your salon tour you’ll be asked to come back for a formal interview. Remember to show up early, dress professionally, and bring your portfolio to the interview. The salon owner will be asking you lots of questions to get a better understanding of your personality and your work ethic. However, this interview should not be one-sided. You should be asking just as many questions as the person interviewing you. Here are examples of some good questions to ask during your interview:
    • How will my performance be reviewed?
    • Are there continuing education classes for the stylists?
    • What would my expected retail quota be?
    • What kind of booking system do you use?
    • What is the commission percentage for services?
    • For more interviewing tips, read this – How To Impress During Your Salon Interview
  3. Start As An Assistant – We’ve talked to lots of stylists and they all agree that starting off as an assistant is a great way to start a new cosmetology career! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about the salon establishment and see if you truly enjoy working there. It’s your duty as an assistant to work alongside the other stylists and learn as much as possible from them during the process. Try to go above and beyond to show that you are a valuable member of the salon team. Take you role as an assistant seriously and you’ll be promoted to stylist before you know it!  Read this article for more information on being an assistant – What You’ll Do As A Salon Assistant.

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