How to Find a Good Esthetician – and Avoid a Bad One

A good esthetician can be the difference between great skin and unhealthy skin. But finding a good esthetician can be tricky. Here are 5 tips on how to find a good esthetician and avoid a bad one.

Watch for Cleanliness

This is simple. If your esthetician has a dirty space, look for a new one. Lack of proper sanitation can bring harm to your skin, and might actually do further damage. Inspect the spa when you get into the room. A good rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable lounging or sleeping in the space, you should find another spa.

Look for the License

It goes without saying that you don’t want to go to an esthetician that hasn’t been certified as one. As you look around the room to check for cleanliness and comfortability, make sure to look for your esthetician’s framed license. It should be prominently displayed and up-to-date. If it’s expired, it is not valid.

Ask and Answer Questions

Your esthetician should observe your skin and ask you questions about your skincare habits. For example, if you have texture on one side of your face and you are wondering why, they might be able to suggest that it is the side you sleep on. Estheticians should take a close look at your daily habits and consider how they might affect your skin. You should also ask lots of your own questions. If you have problem areas, let your esthetician know. A good esthetician can use their detective skills to “read” your skin’s clues, along with the information you provide so they know what treatments and skincare routines will be best for you.

Get Customized Treatment

No facial should be standard. It should be tailored to your exact needs on the day you  go in. If you continue to work with a good esthetician, over time you should be able to see a positive difference in your skin. Good estheticians know what your skin needs. If your skin is dry, or you’re prone to acne or want help with anti-aging, your esthetician should be able to cater your facial and skin treatment to your specific skin type and your overall goals.

Don’t Accept Pain

Beauty shouldn’t be painful. Good estheticians know that they can help your skin without causing you pain. While there may be a few tingles or changes in your skin’s temperature, a facial should be a relaxing experience. If your esthetician hurts you and you come out of the spa with red, blotchy, irritated skin, find a new esthetician immediately.

Measure Their Expertise

Your esthetician should be knowledgeable on the latest and greatest treatments and advances in skin care. And they should share their knowledge with you. A facial is just one part of great skin. Every time you get one, try to leave with a new tip on how to help care for your skin at home. Your esthetician should always be open to your questions, so don’t be afraid to ask.

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