How to Create a Makeup Look That’s Appropriate for Work

Don’t let your makeup keep you from getting the attention you deserve. Start with a clean face and clear palette and opt for an easy skincare routine. Then, stick to these work-approved makeup tips and you could be well on your way to your next promotion:


Get Beautiful, Natural Lashes

As tempting as it may be to use fake lashes, save them for a fun night out with your friends. They don’t belong in the workplace. You want to be taken seriously, right? For natural lashes, apply a primer before you put on your mascara. Use the mascara wand to apply it from the base of your lashes to the tip. This separates your lashes and gives the illusion of lengthening. And that primer you started with will help your lashes look thicker and longer so you only need to apply a few coats.

Choose a Light Tan

You look great with a tan. Don’t you? But an always-on tan might give your employer the wrong impression. Go for a light barely there sun-kissed look instead of burnt orange that will give you a healthy glow, while also saying that you’re too busy to bake in the sun for hours. Use a self-tanner—testing it on a small area of your skin before applying to your whole body. Pick a lighter shade than you want so you can build up the tan gradually. Try a lotion first instead of a foam tanner to get a more natural tan that will show less streaks.

Use Subtle Shadow

Smokey eyes have no place in a 9-5 office environment—unless you know how to do them right. Instead of dark brown or black eyeshadow, opt for a pale brown or light tan. You want your eye color to pop in a way that’s complementary to your skin tone- no raccoon eyes here. Achieve a subtle smokey eye by adding eye liner on the top of your eyelid and a little bit on the bottom of your eye. Then for shadow, use a light base coat color on your eyelid and under the bottom eye lashes. Once the lighter base coat is complete, add the darker eye shadow and blend it into the lighter color. This will give your eye the smokey look you were looking for without making it over-the-top or inappropriate for the office.

Choose Lip Color That Doesn’t Distract

You can have some fun with work appropriate lip color, as long as you keep it professional. For example, a bold red lipstick says you’re ready to run the show. But if you opt for that kind of statement, make sure the rest of your makeup is simple and subtle. Also, you’ll want to consider the environment. Office buildings tend to have dry air that can dehydrate your lips and your skin. Use moisturizer and find a super hydrating lipstick or gloss. And consider a nude lip that will subtly perk up your entire face but won’t leave those yucky lip prints on your coffee cup.

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