October 29, 2021

How To Apply For Beauty School Scholarships [Updated 2021]

Nothing should hold you back from pursuing the career of your dreams, especially if your goal is to become a licensed beauty professional. However, the cost of attending beauty school often deters people from enrolling in the necessary programs to earn their license.

If you are currently enrolled in beauty school or thinking of enrolling, you should know about financial aid program options. There are lots of great beauty school scholarships and grants that are available to beauty school students and high school students. Receiving a beauty school scholarship can make all the difference in your decision to enroll and is a great way to jumpstart training for a new career!

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Here is some important information about beauty school scholarships, grants, and financial aid with details about how to apply. All of these scholarships can be applied to the programs through Salon Success Academy’s financial aid program*. Be sure to check them out!

Beauty School Scholarships

There are numerous scholarships out there specifically for future cosmetologists and estheticians attending beauty school. Some programs have more specific requirements for applicants, while others are given based on factors like military status, income, or high school grades.

Here are just a few of the beauty school scholarships you should check out:

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarships

Beauty Changes Lives is a non-profit program offering tuition scholarships for cosmetology students, as well students enrolled in esthetician, nail technology, and make-up artistry programs. They award over 600 scholarships every year, totaling $3.1 million in tuition assistance.

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Rosy Salon Software Cosmetology Scholarship

Rosy Salon Software is a unique cloud-based management program that salons can use to manage their business. This company graciously gives back by awarding $12,000 in scholarships every year to deserving future cosmetology students. One of our students at Salon Success Academy, Windy Harvey, was a deserving recipient of this scholarship!

You must apply and meet certain eligibility requirements for this scholarship. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited cosmetology program and provide a letter of recommendation and a resume showcasing their work. Twenty-four applicants are chosen every year to receive a $500 scholarship.

Founder’s Cosmetology Scholarship

Salon Success Academy proudly offers our very own Founder’s scholarship to honor Richard Gross, who started the cosmetology school over 60 years ago. We award 48 tuition awards of $1,000 to our cosmetology students. Applicants may also receive one of our 12 MUD Beauty Essentials kits and training, which is valued at over $1,000.

To apply for this scholarship, you must be enrolled as a full-time student in our cosmetology program. Applicants must also submit a short video or essay telling us about themselves, why they enrolled in Salon Success Academy, and their goals as a cosmetologist.

Great Clips Scholarship

The widely-known salon Great Clips awards over $100,000 every year in scholarships to deserving cosmetology students! Applicants can receive scholarship funding for $250 to $1,500. Another great thing about this scholarship is that it involves a very simple application – you simply need to fill out a form online and upload a short essay.

The Sydell & Arnold Miller Family “Art of Haircoloring” Scholarship

If you’ve got a natural talent for hair coloring, be sure to check out this fantastic opportunity. The Sydell and Arnold Miller family award one scholarship of up to $5,000 to the applicant they deem to be the next great hair colorist.

To apply, you must submit a video answering several questions along with images showcasing your hair coloring work.

The Sydell and Arnold Miller family also offers a similar scholarship for the “Art of Haircutting” and “Art of Hairdressing” – so be sure to apply to those, too!

Arnold M. Miller Find-a-Way Cosmetology Student Scholarship

This truly incredible $15,000 scholarship is given to one well-deserving applicant who won’t let anything stand in the way of their dreams! Applicants must be actively enrolled in a cosmetology program to apply and submit images of their artistic work. Applicants must also submit a video explaining how they have always found a way to achieve their goals.

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Beauty School Grants

Grants are funds that can be given from an entity (such as a charity organization) as a donation to finance a particular activity. Grants are often given to students to go towards their tuition fees – and these grants can be applied towards accredited beauty schools.

Pell Grants

If you have considered enrolling in a traditional college, you may be familiar with Pell Grants. These are federally funded awards that are given out based on factors like financial needs. Students may receive up to $5,775, depending on their financial situation. Beauty school students must first file for the FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as well as the Pell grant to receive this compensation.

Access to Cosmetology Education Grant

The Access to Cosmetology Education (ACE) Grant is offered by the American Association of Cosmetology Schools. Every year, four $1,000 grants are given to cosmetology students.

Financial Aid

Many beauty schools also offer financial aid support to help future students find resources for tuition assistance. At Salon Success Academy, our financial aid department can help you find programs you qualify for, such as scholarships, grants, federal aid, and other options.*

The cost of attending beauty school doesn’t need to hold you back from pursuing your goals – there are many ways to cut down the cost of tuition. Our financial aid team is here as a resource to help you through the process and make beauty school more affordable.

Ready to Apply?

If the cost of beauty school has held you back from enrolling, you should know that there are many ways to lower the cost of tuition. Salon Success Academy is here to help you find those resources and set yourself up for a successful future.

Please reach out to our admissions team to learn more about our cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, and nail tech programs. Don’t let anything hold you back from the career of your dreams – apply today!

*Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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