How Long Cosmetology School Takes: Will It Fit into Your Schedule?

cosmetology school lesson

Cosmetology school usually requires 40 weeks of classes and 1,600 hours of training. If you study hard, complete your training, pass the state board exam and earn your license, you’ll be ready to snag your dream job at an amazing salon.

But then anxiety kicks in as you worry about how long cosmetology school takes. How can you hit all your goals while juggling a job, family, and friends? Shove those doubtful thoughts aside and use these tips to balance work and school.

How to Make Cosmetology School Fit into Your Schedule

  • Choose the Cosmetology School Class Schedule that Fits You

Don’t worry about fitting life into your class schedule. Fit your cosmetology school schedule to your life. Many cosmetology schools, including Salon Success Academy, offer flexible scheduling. You can take day or evening classes, and even enroll either full or part-time. Just keep in mind that with part-time enrollment, your program will take longer to complete.

  • Lean on Your Friends and Family While in Cosmetology School

Let the people who are already in your corner know about your goals, your cosmetology school schedule, and even your fears about balancing life and school. And then accept their help! Your family and friends may be willing to help you study, take care of odd errands, or even babysit to help you succeed. Speaking of kids, don’t forget to let your children know what’s going on. They can add some extra encouragement when things get tough and be happy reminders of why you want to build a career of which you can be proud.

  • Talk to Your Boss About Cosmetology School

Even if you flex your class schedule, cosmetology school could occasionally interfere with your work schedule. Talk with your employer about possible schedule adjustments ahead of time to avoid any last-minute call-outs. Let your boss know that you want to grow as a professional and that conflicts may arise once in a while as you pursue your dream.

  • Use A Planner for Your Cosmetology School Classes

Purchase a day planner or download an app that can help you block out study time, family time, class time, and work time. A planner can also help you keep track of quizzes, assignments, and due dates. Be well-organized and you’ll be less stressed.

Is Cosmetology School Hard? Here’s What to Do

Cosmetology school may be hard, especially with the 40-week schedule. Fortunately, you’ll have a great team of classmates and teachers who can help you learn about cosmetology.

  • Create a Study Group with Cosmetology Classes

Don’t forget that you aren’t the only budding cosmetologist. A group of people with the same goals and interests will be in class with you, and you can learn from them in more ways than one. Join or start a study group to aid the learning process and to find out how others deal with the work/life balance.

  • Ask for Help from Cosmetology Teachers

Know that your cosmetology teachers were students too. If life starts to get in the way of your schooling, talk with your teachers to see how you can rebalance your schedule. Salon Success Academy offers a 48-week enrollment contract that allows you to take personal or sick time if needed. This will allow you to complete the 40-week cosmetology program without incurring extra costs.


Going back to school does require commitment, but it doesn’t have to be the challenge your fears make you think. With some thoughtful planning and support, you’ll conquer your cosmetology program. If you’re ready to dive into the next chapter of your career, call Salon Success Academy at 877-987-4247 or fill out the form and request more info today!